Modern Warfare 3: Graphics Comparison Video - PC vs. Playstation 3

PC Games has a graphics comparison video showing Modern Warfare 3 on PC and Playstation 3.

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GribbleGrunger2418d ago

what's the matter, daren't they compare the 360 anymore? i mean, come on, how the heck is the PS3 going to stand a chance here

3GenGames2418d ago

It's going to stand a chance because PC isn't even tested with COD's game. Youcan max it out on 3 year old hardware with ease.

kevnb2418d ago

yet it looks better easily on pc. I suppose that engine was built for pc way back in the day.

2418d ago
Mutley4162418d ago

considering the ps3 has a 256 graphics card and the average pc gamer rolls with at least a 1 gig card now a days...seems like no contest...but if you factor in the price...the console does a fine job.