Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Survival Guide

NowGamer runs down Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer strategies , complete with video tutorials.

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TimmyShire2320d ago

Some good tips for noobs here.

skyward2320d ago

I feel like Jonah Hill about to surpass Sam Worthington...

WolfLeBlack2320d ago

The simplest but most effective tip: use some common sense!
Far too often do I meet Call of Duty players who seem to believe out manouvering or flanking an enemy player simply means moving around the other side of the truck.

One tip I would add to the list is to avoid bunching up closely with your team. While you do want to stick together, bunching up closely lets the enemy take down multiple targets with a singe grenade, RPG or even machine gun spray.

Learn to work with your team when traversing the map. If you cover each other then you'll become far more effective, especially when capturing the HQ etc.

Weapon switch. In combat, if you run out of ammo in your clip, don't bother reloading as it can be time consuming, simply hit Y to swap weapons and take down the immediate threat, then switch back and reload. You can gain the upper hand often using this trick.

Tank rushes are risky but.....wait, that's Battlefield. Damn.

Don't get angry at campers, just beat them. I see many COD players declaring campers to be some sort of spawn of the anti-christ or something, yet I've never had a problem with them. My conclusion, after watching other players, is they hate them because they simply don't check their corners or pay attention to their surroundings, happily charging into an area and getting gunned down. Check those corners and use the Kill Cam to your advantage and campers will quickly fall to your blade.

DEADEND2319d ago

Off topic

Can anyone tell me if they are having a hard time getting COD elite registered and running. And if you know how to solve it please tell me. I'll give bubbles out.

WolfLeBlack2319d ago

Hi mate,

According to the boys and gals over at Activision they're currently having trouble with the server due to the sheer amount of people who signed up for it. They're working on increasing the capacity of the service now and fixing the registration problems.

In short, patience is the key here, mate.

DEADEND2319d ago

Thanks just gave you a bubble.