Xboxer360: The Sims 3 Pets Review

Sarah Alexander writes: Being an avid fan of Sims and especially Sims 3 on the PC I was waiting excitedly for the release of Sims 3 Pets to see if it got any closer to the PC version or if it remained bug filled and as limited as Sims 3 first was on the consoles.
Although Sims 3 Pets is a separate game in its own right and not an expansion pack like for the PC, this new release gives you much more freedom than Sims 3 itself. For the first time players are able to take full control of their pets and play with them as independent members of their family. You cannot however create a whole family of pets as you need the human Sims interactions to care for your pet. As you introduce pets in to your Sims families more tasks are opened up such as searching for treasure and yes you can also send your pet to work.

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