Wipeout 2048 Pushed Outside Of Japanese PlayStation Vita Launch, Gravity Daze Due In February

PushSquare: "Wipeout 2048 is easily one of our most anticipated PlayStation Vita games. But it looks like Sony's decided to spread out its initial Japanese launch lineup just a touch, pushing the Studio Liverpool developed futuristic racer into January."

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Ddouble2295d ago

Sounds like a good idea. Worst thing is to have a lot of launch games then a long drought with no games.

supremacy2295d ago

Well that makes sense so as long as they can fill those slots with some decent games to make up for such delay.

jujubee882294d ago

Is coming out in February too.

Man oh man. If that game is good, I will love it. If it is bad, oh well. Bad games have been made before.

February!!!! (Why are you not November?) O_o