One Million Saints Row: The Third Characters Created Before Launch

THQ Inc. and Volition, Inc. today announced that the Saints Row: The Third community has created more than one million unique, hilarious, and often disturbing characters in the Saints Row Initiation Station. 1.2 million people have played the Initiation Station so far, with the most popular non-traditional skin colours being green, red, and silver metallic.

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WhiteLightning2444d ago

I could of created my character from Saints Row and Saints Row 2....but oh I forgot, they took cornrows hairstyle out. Arent' you supposed to add to the styles instead of taking some away.

Kakihara2444d ago

The obvious exception to that rule is cornrows. The only reason anyone should ever create a character with cornrows is in tribute to Kenny Powers and even then they should ideally go with the perm mullet hair over cornrows.

WhiteLightning2444d ago

There actually should be an Eastbound and Down video game.

Hufandpuf2444d ago

I added mine, You can make more than 1 right?

Ace_Man_62444d ago

I'm pretty sure you can, yes :)

chanmasta2444d ago

404'd. Anyone else get that?

kevco332444d ago

Link has been fixed. Thanks for pointing it out!