How good does Skyrim really look? Graphics comparison with Oblivion & other RPGs

The graphics of Skyrim are looking great, but how does Bethesdas RPG looks in comparison with other RPGs? compared Skyrim with Dragon Age 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Oblivion and other RPGs.

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Chuk52326d ago

smh, not even side by side or anything. Not to mention almost all these games have their own intentional art styles.

this is lame.

Ares84HU2326d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. If someone does a comparison they should put the pictures side by side not just throw a ton of random pictures in the article and let you figure out which picture is from which game.

Skip_Bayless2326d ago

Mass Effect trumps Skyrim in terms of graphics.

decrypt2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

I would say Witcher 2 trumps every RPG out this gen and by a long shot.

I was giving Fable 3 (PC version) a try, it looked like a last gen game compared to Witcher 2 running at max settings.

I dont think Skyrim will stand a chance either.

Graphically i dont think there is a game out this year that can go head on with Witcher 2, if we count out BF3(PC version of course).

starchild2325d ago

I agree. The Witcher 2 on PC looks quite a bit better than any of the others. Followed by Mass Effect and Skyrim and so on.

But it is pretty hard to compare many of them because their art styles are so different and they each have their own technical strengths and weakness.

2326d ago
t0mmyb0y2326d ago

Your comment made me not click link. Bubbles

reynod2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

As much as i want to get Skyrim right now and play, i think i will wait 5-6 months, wait for the modding community to spice it up a bit, then play the game in all its glory.

Edit: dam this is kinda hard to resist, Skyrim is currently getting sold at 30usd on the PC.

Clayman2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Good for you. I just can't wait that long. Will be playing it in two days. BTW the game looks good enough.

buddymagoo2326d ago

Also you know Bethesda always do great deals a couple of months after launch.

MaxMurdoch2326d ago

where is it getting sold at 30 usd ?

Jocosta2326d ago

Weird that the modders are apparently better at developing games than the developers.

kramun2326d ago

If the modders weren't given the game and the tools to begin with they wouldn't be able to do anything.

Weird that the game developers are better at making the game and the modding tools to go with it than the modders.

overlorduk2326d ago

The developers could easily do as well, if not better than the modders if they didn't have to try and make the games run well on consoles and PCs with infinate combinations of hardware, software and settings.

Heartnet2326d ago

developers have better things to do than make silly little insignificant addons

Jocosta2326d ago

Crap, sorry, I was actually being sarcastic but my post was poorly written.

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reynod2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Sorry it was my bad. Its 30usd for the Russian version. English version is about 50usd:

From the same site i bought BF3 launch day at 38usd.

Anyways bethesda games usually go on discount quite quickly, Steam is already holding a discount on Rage, its down to 40usd. I think i will wait for a Skyrim price drop. 60usd for a game is too much to pay.

Tanir2325d ago

good choice Reynod, im going to wait a year for the GOTY edition so i can get the finished product, by then their will be tons of mods also, so that will be great

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RedDead2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Looks decent. Nothing more nothing less. Wanna see the PC version properly.

@ nerdmaster, you know that leveling system is completely gone for Skyrim? Whatever you do at all makes you level up, no more minor skills etc, no more + 5 to strength and all at a level up.

Getting blade from 86-87 will count alot more to level up that getting Smithing from 15-16. But it'll still count. On level up, you get to chose to put points into either Health Stamina or Magika, then you get a perk. That's the leveling system in this. basic but has no major faults or worries like previous ES games.

Nerdmaster2326d ago

The Elder Scrolls series seems interesting. It's too bad that the leveling system is such a huge turn off for me. I don't want to play a game always worrying if I attacked too many times, or if I didn't run enough to get decent stats on a level up. It's the main reason I gave up on Morrowind and Oblivion.

MariaHelFutura2326d ago

This problem has been resolved.

Nerdmaster2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

What? I think you're talking about that system in Oblivion where the enemies got stronger as you leveled up. I'm not talking about that (even though that was indeed another terrible turn off for me).

I'm talking about how the skills you use have an effect on the number of points you can use to raise your stats when you level up. I think it's a valid idea to use skills to level up, but not to calculate how many points I can put in my stats.

I get bored with the idea of keeping track of how many skills I raised since my last level up, being worried that I might be wasting points if I continue using that skill until my next level, and so on.

aPerson2326d ago

Like he already said; "The problem has been resolved."

Nerdmaster2325d ago

It's strange how none of you said exactly how it has been resolved.

SITH2326d ago

Oblivion and morrowind had different leveling. Skyrim's leveling is a combination of both of those games with some enemies that level to you and many others that do not level to you ever.

GrumpyVeteran2326d ago

Another one of those foreign sites with that annoying picture viewer thing.

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