Take-Two chairman defends game violence

The chairman of Take-Two said on Monday games and other media do not encourage real-life violence and that the graphic behavior depicted in games "Grand Theft Auto" and "Manhunt 2" could be found more easily by kids on the Web or in books.

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IntelligentAj3914d ago

Obviously. All of this criticism that the game industry gets for violence is nonsense. There is far worse on TV and in the movie theaters, yet the studios get little to no criticism which is bull. Direct some of that criticism at the parents who don't give a sh** about what their kids are playing. They should be monitoring what their children are doing instead of sitting on their laurels and blaming the game industry.

ban fans3914d ago

This subject has gotten on my nerves for some time. Video games have become the new scapegoat for why kids act out in a violent manner. It used to be movies like Rambo and Terminator, now it's games.

I think the big problem right now is that there is not a level playing field for movies, books, internet, and games. A R rated movie can have explicit sex scenes and some one getting their head cut off with a hack saw clear a day, but if you show a VIRTUAL woman's breasts, and you had better watch out! The critics and politicians will be all over you!