Retro Revolution: Hail to the NGP - Game Revolution

"When I first heard the name "NGP" for an upcoming handheld, I honestly thought it was a joke. To me that was akin to Microsoft announcing a new "Game Boy" or Ricky Martin singing a "new" version of "She Bangs". It didn't make sense, unless Sony really wanted to channel the spirit of a classic, dead-before-its-time handheld console with some of the best portable games ever made." - Kevin Schaller

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MultiConsoleGamer2299d ago

One of the best portable game systems ever made.

knifefight2299d ago

You got me at first, haha. I was like "WTF retro?" and then remembered, oh yeah, that.

insertcoin2299d ago

NGP, the real NGP, for the win.

stormeagle62298d ago

Man, I totally didn't make this connection before now.