Modern Warfare 3: Gameplay Footage Kill Confirmed (Riot Shotty)

JI writes: "During the release day Hitman of RealGamerNewz tests out the riot class shotgun in the new game mode “Kill Confirmed”. In Kill Confirmed you will play like a regular deathmatch but with a slight twist. Only the kills you manage to retrieve dog tags for count! Anytime you die you leave tags on the ground as well. Your team mates can save you by grabbing them before the enemy, or you can all die in a pile and provide a huge dog tag reward for killing sprees."

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Bolts2327d ago

Good job CoD, as if this game isn't shit enough they managed to make it worst by designing the ultimate noob tube.

SixZeroFour2327d ago

hmm, ive seen footage of "kill confirmed" and known about its premise for awhile now, but only now have i realized that its kinda like the headhunter gametype in halo reach

and just an FYI to those thinking im bashing MW3, im not saying IW stole the gametype (cause alot of games have gametypes inspired by some other the multiple versions of "survival" gametypes like horde or zombies) im just saying that i just realized that right now