MW3 vs BF3: In a nutshell

InEntertainment writes: If you value the single player more then we say go for MW3, if it is the online element then it comes down to the style of multiplayer you like. You’ll find the Battlefield 3 squads, big maps and vehicles make it more tactical and sometimes slower to get into the action, which will suit those that want a more war-like experience rather than rush in and kill type game.

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danswayuk2322d ago

Love MW3 single player, but when it comes to tactical online gaming, BF3 wins hands down.

Ares84HU2321d ago

BF3 is actually a brand new game while still having the Battlefield spirit and gameplay but tons of improvements over other BF games.

MW3 is the same exact thing as CoD4 or MW2. Nothing changed. Graphics are the same, animations are the same, even buildings have been recycled from CoD4. It's a $65 add-on to a 2007 game.

Now which one would be the better choice??? I wonder.....

PinchoVe2321d ago

pretty simple, whichever one YOU enjoy the most

Focus2321d ago

Oh wow, how original, did you think that one up yourself? Bf3 is a shinier BC2

HeavenlySnipes2321d ago

I'm not even buying either BF or COD (because I play other FPS's OTHER than those two) but COD MW3 has new additions and improvements based on what I've seen

They added a lot to the Spec ops mode, they added new killstreaks and I believe now the killstreaks are preset for you and given in packages , and the new campaign.

Its a multimillion dollar franchise. Should they drastically change each iteration? Or just listen to FAN feedback and improve the small things. How would all the COD fans feel if Sledgehammer or Treyarch decide to drastically change the game and the engine to add destructibility and be more realistic like BF when THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY WANT.

3GenGames2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


The FANS want something NEW, the HIPSTERS are holding it back by turning it into such a pop-culture phenom. I'm a fan, I want it to change and be better and pretty much be COD4, 3 killstreaks everyone has the same set. But the hipsters can't allow that. If they can't have a bowl of lucky charms, a couple AC130's and Chopper Gunners per round the game would flop to the bigger crowd.

And I like how you say adding new killstreaks is a good thing. It's probably the worst thing the game could have added. And spec ops? Meh, I want a good game before extra modes I play once and never go back to.

Ares84HU2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


You are wrong on so many levels I don't know where to begin.

The new addition you speak of are DLC worthy not new game worthy. Have you ever looked at any sequel to any game??? They always improve things in games. Graphics always improve in a sequel. In CoD there are no improvements in the graphics department. In sequels they improve animations, in CoD there is no improvement there. In CoD they recycled buildings from CoD4. How lazy can they be?? After 5 years of experience on the PS3 they still can't get the PS3 version look the same with the 360 version. It still looks as bad as CoD4 did on PS3 compared to the 360 version. Killstreaks and a new modes are important enough improvements to warrant a new game for you? It's the SAME EXACT GAME as MW2 was. At least do something with the graphics if you are to lazy to do something else. And that story mode....well that better be left undiscussed. Look at every single series in the history of gaming. They ALL improved, mostly for the better. Listening to the fans is good but I was a CoD fan but I feel like I'm taken for a fool now. Selling me the same game year after year with no improvements just new maps and a new story mode that last 3-4 hours. No sir, I'm not an idiot. I won't buy that add-on anymore. Sad thing is that other devs work their asses of to bring new things to the table and improve their franchise and they get less sales but have a much higher quality game. For example Naughty Dog with Uncahrted 3. Sold 1.1 million first week compared to MW3 having 9million preorders. That is a sad thing to see. So they didn't give what fans wanted because they made me turn away from the series. What they did is what was cheap and convenient for them. I think we can all agree on that. Maybe if you are a CoD fanboy and would buy anything CoD than you won't agree but true gamers will agree with me.

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DrRobotnik2321d ago

Both. I just go back and forth between games.

solar2321d ago

Bf3 for me. I love teamwork and vehicles and recoil.

Focus2321d ago

MW3 for me. I love fun.

consolez_FTW2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

BF3 is fun you know. Using vehicles like tanks, jets, AA guns, etc.. Talking to squad mates making crucial decisions, using tactics, a class to fit any type of FPS player.. = definitely Fun!

cyborg69712321d ago

Implying Bf3 isn't fun makes you look, oh what's the word, oh yeah douchey.

GarandShooter2321d ago


"Oh wow, how original, did you think that one up yourself?"

Guess who said it?

Freshnikes2321d ago

Bf3 sucks in the fun department... Cod games are fun and at the end of a hard lond day I wanna have a little fun. I own both games but bf3 only has gd graphics the fun factor is just ok

wenaldy2321d ago

Your fun term kinda ambiguity. Me love recoil, bullet travel, vehicles, destructible env., is also called fun..

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baboom2232321d ago

Battlefield = Advanced
Call of Duty = Simple

Which do you prefer is really the question. Battlefield for the hardcore gamer, while Call of Duty is more catered for the casual gamer

Dark_Vendetta2321d ago

While I agree , I think you can have fun with both games, even as a hardcore gamer. When I want a deeper multiplayer experience I choose BF3, but if I dont have much time, I pop in MW3. It's just like a fast and short adrenaline shot while BF3 is about the satisfaction you get through teamwork and tactics to compelete the target.

Sorry for grammar faults, it's too late over here and I just got back from work

baboom2232321d ago

I agree. sometimes I just want to pop in Call of Duty and run around aimlessly shooting people. but it terms of which game I prefer, Definitely Battlefield.

pucpop2321d ago

Neither. Kirbys Dreamland for me.

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