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MW3 Secrets: Say hello to the 25 kill M.O.A.B killstreak

Product-Reviews writes: We are very surprised that this has been kept a secret, but since there are many good players in the Call of Duty world, one of the biggest hidden features of multiplayer has now been let out of the bag. Remember the Tactical Nuke 25 killstreak from MW2? – It has now been replaced with the M.O.A.B.

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tr00p3r1787d ago

So good that it doesn't end the game. Double XP for the team as well is a neat touch Infinity Ward.

Septic1787d ago

Yes! I'm so glad the Nuke is in, in some form or another. Also good thinking IW about granting double XP to the team- now getting a Nuke won't be a completely selfish pursuit.

HappyGaming1786d ago

Hmmm also moab is more tactical because say you are playing search and destroy you can use an moab to help give you a small window to complete the objective :)

PRHB HYBRiiD1786d ago

search and destroy? 25 killstreak? really? lol

gta28001786d ago

Now I wonder till how long till people start camping just to get these bombs.

kaozgamer1787d ago

3:33 onwards
how come he is able to reload when he doesnt have any ammo left?

C_Menz1787d ago

Because it is Call of Duty? What else would you expect. It's either a killstreak reward(never heard of it before) or a glitch already.

sprayNpray1786d ago

nice spot, very strange...

Grimhammer001786d ago

he was carrying the same gun as secondary pick-up.
it'll share the ammo. neat trick...but only if your lucky enough to find your fav gun lying around. lol

StraightPath1786d ago

Mother Of Alll Bitches killstreak

lorianguy1787d ago

I too am surprised this has been kept a secret. Most information like this would have gotten leaked a few months ago, especially with something as big as Call of Duty.

Ezio20481787d ago

i am so loving this game!

Fishy Fingers1787d ago

Cool, liked the idea of the Nuke but the fact kill streak kills counted towards your next kill streak reward (hope that makes sense) make getting them "easy". This seems better thought out than the Nuke.

The Meerkat1787d ago

Its on Support package too?

tr00p3r1787d ago

It's on any strike package.

DeFFeR1786d ago

I don't think it's like that - even on support.

I've played support packages and had 40 kills - no MOAB. I think it's a "in a row" type deal.

tr00p3r1786d ago

Of course its in a row lol, it's a killstreak.

csreynolds1787d ago

This was leaked a month or so ago.

Bladesfist1787d ago

Lol i read about this a while ago too. I wonder why you got disagrees.

csreynolds1787d ago

Because no one likes a know-it-all I suppose. Or because bribing your friends to defend your article works :-P

Majin-vegeta1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Lol someone already got it yesterday.

csreynolds1787d ago

Yeah, funnily enough I saw that video this morning by coincidence. Craziness huh?

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The story is too old to be commented.