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"It’s a crying shame that those who support COD as a fan will not try Battlefield 3. Even more so now that its single player is as spectacular as Call of Duty, at least until Modern Warfare 3 is reviewed. But its multiplayer is so good, so complete, that it staggers the brain to think many will not enjoy its finest moments purely because of the stable it comes from." (Battlefield 3, PS3, Xbox 360) 9/10

GMWPS3  +   1257d ago
I was about to skip Battlefield 3 altogether because of the numerous postings and reviews saying the single player campaign is not worth it. I'm mainly a single player purchaser followed by offline multiplayer. However, I somehow ended up buying it based on a review which mentioned how amazing all the weapons sounded. Based on that I thought at worst I'll get to hear some amazing weapons fire through my surround sound system.

Surprisingly, the single player campaign has been quite impressive so far. The sound is amazing, the graphics are solid, the acting is very good, I also like the actor they used as one of the interrogators. He's the same guy who was running the army base in Transformers 1 when the Decepticon helicopter landed and proceeded to wipe them out.

I can't believe I was about to actually miss out on this experience.
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SP3333D-O  +   1257d ago
The multiplayer, while difficult, especially at first, is even better.

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