Call of Duty Elite To Outpace Netflix, Xbox Live Adoption

Activision Blizzard made it clear during the earnings call today that they are very pleased with the performance of their Call of Duty Elite subscription service. Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, said, “We believe that the free Elite service is the best free service in the industry and dramatically increases the value of buying the game for all of our players."

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Septic2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I didn't think it was possible to lose faith in humanity even more after hearing Rebecca BLack's Friday but....alas....the human race fails again.

This is just opening the flood-gates for developers to take the mick even more and the rest of us more discerning gamers will suffer at the hands of these early adopters content with paying for things that have been/ should be free.

Before you say that Hirshberg is alluding to the free elite service its clear that the so-called free service is really a red herring;

"we've been very pleased with the attach rate of the purchase of Call of Duty Elite premium subscription"

Can someone justify this to me?

"And the premium subscription for Elite quite simply resets the bar for multiplayer experience, with several industry firsts in innovations and services"

What does Elite premium do that and Battlelog don't do and can be considered 'raising the bar for multiplayer experience[s]'?

Tachyon_Nova2445d ago

Here's justification: You get all the DLC plus more for less than if you bought all the DLC seperately. Done.

Anon19742444d ago

Anyone subscribe to this cash grab, or know anyone who did? Most of my friends who play shooters aren't even buying this yet and certainly aren't going for "Elite". We're waiting for the inevitable hacks and exploits to get sorted out, as well as server issues. One thing I learned from buying past Call of Duty games, if you want to play online, don't do it in the first couple of months - otherwise you're just in for a lot of aggravation.

Noticeably_FAT2444d ago

You are looking at Elite as simply a form of state tracking, it's not. You can get the stat tracking and things like that for the free edition of Elite.

I look at the paid version of Elite as a Season Pass, which is very common these days. People see the value in it. You get all the DLS included in the price. If you were to simply buy the map packs separately you'd end up paying more.

I bought the Hardened Edition, so it ended up being the better deal. Elite might not be for the casual COD player, but if you put weeks and months into the game, it's definitely for you.

I'd say 75% of the people I know and play with bought the Hardened Edition just to get Elite.

Cosmit2444d ago


How about you try it first before you speak out of your ass?

If you buy Elite, you will get all the DLC and the Elite Premium service cheaper than if you were to buy the DLC separately. And since you seem to be someone talking just for the sake of "hating", the free version offers what Battlelog Offers. You know, for free.

gamingdroid2444d ago

I bought Hardened Edition with Elite and didn't feel it was a cash grab at all. It was cheaper than buying all the DLC and the Elite perks are more than anyone else offers out there right now.

The Hardened Edition also came with a steelbook, a cool little notebook with notes for the game that I won't look into until I finish the campaign to avoid spoilers.

So far been pretty happy.

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Tapewurm2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

They need to make sure it works before they start talking all this trash....terrible launch of it so far....wasn't ready for when the game went gold and can't log in still.......the free version will last, but I seriously doubt people will pay to play CoD. I hope that people are more intelligent than that.

I am liking the game though lol :)

trenso12445d ago

I really hope the next gen comes soon before this takes place soon this will be gaming having to pay for things like this, it will be a sad day for gaming if that ever happens.

Simco8762444d ago

lol... all I have to say...

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