Editorial: Coolest Girl in School - Controversial New Game for Girls

In accordance with the public's voyeuristic addiction comes a controversial new video game for girls - the mobile based Coolest Girl in School. Emerging as a rpg for teens, the game sets a stage for girls where stealing, sexual dalliances, drug use and gossiping pave the path to teenage empowerment.

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Syko3886d ago

This is right in Catastrophe's wheelhouse. I got to let her know about this so she can get it day one =)

Cat3886d ago

"stealing, sexual dalliances, drug use and gossiping pave the path to teenage empowerment"

as if they don't pave the way to adult empowerment, too! ;) this one goes straight to the top of my christmas list.

Anything but Cute3886d ago


I'm a man but I'm actually more like a girl when it comes to this kind of stuff.

It was bad for me in high school. I was more self concious than the average teenage male. I realize that males are ugly compared to girls.

IntelligentAj3886d ago

Oh please. This is digital entertainment right? Damn some people need to grow up with this bulls$$t.

GIJeff3886d ago

This comment intentionally left blank.

Wiitard3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

I can't go to the link at work, but does it say what this is for? If it is for cell phones or something, who cares. Does anyone actually play those?

Either way, it is just another excuse for parents to complain about video games and developers to wonder aloud why parents do so.

I predict this goes over like a lead fart.

Awesome picture used BTW. Teenage suicide, don't do it.

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