Modern Warfare 3 Campers Are Less Compared To Battlefield 3?

Pinoytutorial: Here’s a discussion analyzing the situation if campers are truly less in numbers for Modern Warfare 3 compared to Battlefield 3. More details on this report.

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-Alpha2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Camping isn't too bad in BF3, and I don't think it was ever that bad in CoD either. In fact, my problem is CoD is just the opposite: too much run, run, run offensive gameplay

Different styles of games, different tactics. I've never been annoyed by a camper, they generally tend to move after the first kill in BF3 or else I come back for their dogtags.

The Meerkat2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

The maps in MW3 are terrible. (as bad as BO)
They all feel like Dust or Shipment
There is no Map with a line of sight longer than about 100 feet. It feels as if they are all indoors.
I don't think i've thrown a random flashbang that DIDN'T hit someone!

Sniper rifles are useless. The maps aren't large enough to even need a scope.
Assault rifles accuracy no longer matters because your target will normally only be 20 feet away from you. Semi auto or burst fire are redundant, might as well just go fully auto.
At least shotguns are useful in MW3.

I predict MW4 will be 16 guys standing in a 8x8 room slapping each other in the face.

But I still prefer it to BF3.


Ezio20482419d ago

ahh...i suppose MW3 is fast paced shooter which features short range maps (unlike BF3 with large maps)!!


@The Meerkat

I agree with most of your stuff but I would not say the burst file weapons are redundant. I have always been a burst fire assault type of guy right from the M16 in cod4, I still feel they are just as leathal as ever. only difference is I can hip fire more.

The sniper rifles are not redundant because they were never meant for sniping. they are one shot smg's now. They were made for quick scopers. If you are trying to do what a sniper is suppose to do, you are out of place in MW3. Snipers should be running around like they are on speed and quick scoping.

all the maps do feel the same. very tight space that are all really designed for spray, spray and spray. you kill someone there is always someone spawning right behind you ready to spray so you don't really feel like there is any sort of space that you can hold your corner on.

I miss maps like bog from Cod4. it was messy at times, but if you had two good teams on that map you could get some really really good fire-fights going with snipers and assault rifles holding each end of the map.

The other thing that really gets me about MW3 is the speed that people move at. I mean they took light weight out, but it feels like it's even faster now then MW2 was. it's like they took LW out and then made it so everyone is running at the same speed they would have been if they had LW on in MW2. it just seems a bit silly to me now.

DeadlyFire2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

I agree with your post Meerkat. I just prefer Battlefield more so.

I hate that rifles are useless. You can clearly see what happens when infinity ward team moves out. I still say CoD 4: MW was best MW game.

As for camping. BF3 camping equals a stab in the back. MW3 camping equals a quick corner pop shot.

Septic2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Having played this yesterday, I can honestly say that MW3 promotes camping far more than Battlefield 3.

Why? Because the way the maps are designed.

You have rooms with higher elevation looking down on the ground floor where it is much harder for someone below aim up if taking fire, because they're sights will, quite naturally, be set on path ahead as opposed to above.

These little rooms can be a safe prospect for campers who can rest easy in the knowlege that they are relatively safe (by way of claymores or bouncing betties)and can just focus on unsuspecting players who really have no reason to look where they are.

This wouldn't really be a problem if these spots were few and far between but there are several of these points per mao. Our whole team was frustrated last night as every game felt like hide and seek. We still obliterated the enemy but its just annoying. I blame the map design as much as the players.

They are also very close quarters- lots of corners etc and I even found myself sitting stationary for a while waiting for unsuspecting players to walk past even though this isn't how I play.

I've played far more hours of Battlefield 3 and I don't think camping is as big an issue on it at all with maybe a few exceptions of certain infantry-centric maps (Bazaar and Metro only I guess).

Biggest2418d ago

Camping does not exist in BF3. If a person kills you once, they killed you. If they killed you again from the same spot. . . Shame on you for not clearing that spot. There are at least six ways of clearing an area. If you think someone camped you in BF3 it's time to pack it up and play Dance Central. Shooters just ain't your thing.

bumnut2418d ago

Agreed, if someones camping in BF3 take the building out!

MrSent2418d ago

Its harder to camp when the building you are in is falling to pieces.

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SockMaster2418d ago

This is all very subjective, i think the map design has made it so that there are less campers, however i did get killed by a guy laying in the corner of the room earlier, which didnt annoy me but that was the first time I got killed by a camper, i had played 3 hours by then. Personally im enjoying the maps in MW3 very much, the spawning so far is POOR and they need to fix it, but the dlc "needs" to throw in some larger maps to accommodate for snipers (despite quick scoping being stupidly brought back and better than ever)

Unfortunately, Head-gliching is also worse than ever!

In BF3 I often get killed by snipers (or Shot) by people i cannot actually see...hell...I still get killed by many people without seeing them, that's just the size/nature of the players, I expect it because its been like this in Battlefield games for a while...its not supposed to be CQB like COD - still a great game!

@The Meerkat - The shotguns are inconsistent and poor they need to be buffed and the snipers aim speed needs to be toned down for sure, perhaps the power aswell but i think they are fine usually especially against lag (that's evident in a P2P game) But that's my opinion.

swishersweets200312418d ago

There are spawn and choke point campers in BF3.. and a few are getting pretty good at it during conquest mission. This one guy earlier had a K/d ratio of 70/8.

He got me about 8 times. The map with the bridge i cant remember what its called at the moment, but he'd always be in the choke points between b and D, and hide in the other choke point between C and A.

Or he'd hide on a good spot on D, and shoot people spawning from the RU deployment comming down the stairs.

But in all average person i see in battlefields running around, or trying to stick with a squad or a few team mates and working together.

I think also sometimes people think guys are camping in BF because the maps are so big, and with those long rifles and the recoil on them is a bit much, u see the player after they have killed you crouching or sitting still to nail you. So it gives the impression that guy was just sitting there waiting for people to come by.. which does happen but just how it goes its a shooter.. u die.. i spose if your a Cod fag not getting killstreaks is the end of the world.

Shackdaddy8362418d ago

They are different types of camping.

Hicken2418d ago

Very true. Camping in BF3 has strategic value when done correctly. In MW3- or any Call of Duty- it's essentially a way to boost stats.

maxmill2418d ago

Only people bitching about camping are the people who suck ass. i mean seriously what you you guys think the support package is for? Plain and simple, but in bf3 any noob can just mash select to find someone and well the rest is history.

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