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Pop Culture Shock - "I don’t like the word ‘fanboy’ one bit, but if I have to be that guy, then I’ll proudly be it when it comes to a franchise such as Uncharted. If you own a PlayStation and love these types of games, there’s no excuse not to be playing it. Trying to find a better game than Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception may as well be Drake’s next adventure because you won’t find it any time soon."

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miyamoto2447d ago

its a good thing that the good reviews far outweighs the really bad ones by a megaton.

DonaldBeck2447d ago

disagrees? ok bad for uncharted 3 very bad. /s

younglj012447d ago

"8-9 hours of exciting and emotional gameplay"

ND really step their game up on UC3.Tha water was so freaking beautiful.On a certain level I would climb too tha highest point and dive into tha water.Drakes movement is so realistic.I was so surprise how they upgraded tha water.Only thing was missing was an upgrade snow map hopefully we get one in MP.

ND C.M.S. is tha best I have played in a very long time.Only thing missing from tha online version is reversal.I would like too see two people in a real fist fight.I think alot of people will not shoot and wait too see who wins now that feature would be so fucking awesome.

Great Job ND on this masterpiece.....

supremacy2447d ago

Nothing like another perfect to start the morning.