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PSN Stores - "Uncharted 3 doesn’t necessarily represent the staggering leap in quality that Uncharted 2 did from its predecessor, but when your sequel effectively created a whole new style of action adventure in games, it’s hard to top that. What it does do though is take what worked, and improve upon it in ways I didn’t think possible. It’s more of an evolution than the revolution, but to be this good takes practice. It’s quite frankly superb, and you’d be mad not to pick it up right this second."

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DonaldBeck2420d ago

perfect scores all around

Ocean2419d ago

Really enjoying this 3rd installment....will be starting crushing playthrough tomorrow

ZBlacktt2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Great game, sad part is I beat it twice ( Normal and Crushing ) and got all the trophies in 3 days. Which really could have been done in a day.

Mykky2419d ago

Am I the only one who was slightly disappointed in the single player? I did not feel quite as engaged as in Uncharted 2, I did not get the ting with Drake and Elena, No real monsters and little info on the hidden city and we did not get the answer to "Nathan Drakes real name".
Don't get me wrong I think the story was awesome a 9/10 in my opinion, but I felt that uncharted 2 was more exciting.

ZBlacktt2419d ago

Didn't it seem like Elena and Chloe were not even part of the game. I mean one comes in very last and then gone. While the other makes a small appearance. The last boss fight is not even the boss of the game. That whole chapter 18 sand walk, man.... wth.

supremacy2419d ago

Idk what say anymore lol ive run out of words.