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In Ni No Kuni, players control a distraught Oliver as he goes to a parallel world (Hence the title: “The Another World”).

Oliver learns that that he may have a chance to revive his recently departed mother in this new world; accompanied by a male fairy called Shizuku, he starts an adventure that changes his life forever.

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Chrono2262d ago

"During battles, Players control Oliver in a Kingdom Hearts style action-rpg system in which Oliver can issue commands to these creatures which adds depth and strategy to each fight."

Is it correct?

Redempteur2262d ago

"Kingdom Hearts style action-rpg system" is incorrect.the rest is correct

GhettoBlasStarr2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I just wish they would make a game like this but not so KIDDY. Still might buy it though, I'm so sick of FPS.

2261d ago