Art of the Puzzle: Why Our Brains Love Being Teased

GP: "Puzzles - there's a reason why people call them 'brain-teasers.' And after becoming horribly addicted to the Professor Layton series recently, I've come to realize that our brains simply love being teased, tested, and otherwise pushed to their limits. I mean, why else would I have solved 300+ puzzles in a mere week? My brain just likes it. And...I'm afraid I may have become a bit of a puzzle junkie...

But why is this? Why do our brains love being boggled so much? Maybe it's that feeling we get after solving a puzzle when we just sit there, grin mounting upon our faces, and think to ourselves, 'I'm awesome.' Or maybe it's something else far deeper than conceited thoughts. Maybe we are all just born as puzzle-loving creatures."

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