Thoughts of a Fanboy: Alan Wake 2 Teaser

Casey White wrote: "So, having ranted on a little bit about the original you can start to piece together a vague comprehension of my excitement level when the first promotional image of Alan Wake launched yesterday. It's not much, don't get me wrong, but there's a lot within that single image that helps to build an image of the sequel to one of, wait for it... my all-time favourite video games. That's right. ALL-TIME. Before I get started on why this teaser image is something for fans of the series to, immediately, get hyped over let's throw up a giant spoiler tag here. Those who haven't played the game, go do so now..."

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starchild2391d ago

It's one of my favorite games of the generation for sure. I just loved the atmosphere and storytelling in the game. It stands out in my mind as one of the most visceral and gripping gaming experiences I have ever had.

disturbing_flame2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Gameplay was average, didn't like the game for it's lack of pure adventure mechanics.
The story was very strange, atmosphere was great but the game was too focused on "how to make players wondering" at the end it results the game was making too much twist and looked that even Remedy didn't know how to finished it.

DLC were average and should have been put in the game.

Really disapointed by Alan wake, i thought this game was something else, a more open world oriented game, more focused on adventure, and more enjoyable experience, maybe one of the most overated game of this generation to me finally.

So this Alan wake ?
Well, i don't know, it's gonna be an XBLA game, so it looks like a DLC. A DLC with a new skin, looks like the environment is changing.
I'm really not interested.

The game will certainly try to explain more of Alan wake, the more it tries to do it, the more i find the game boring with those really lazy twists. I'll wait for reviews but i will this time wait for more than those perfect scores it had, the game is far from deserving them.

darthv722390d ago

is interesting and I would disagree with you. Its ok to have varying views. I liked it and especially the atmosphere and that "twin peaks" approach.

I too would like to see the story expand in the follow up game. Its like a book (irony there) where you want to read what happens next. This type of game could continue on to a 3rd set of chapters and I hope it does.

StifflerK2390d ago

Alan Wake is one of my favorite games this gen.

I am so looking forward to this!

Nac2390d ago

He does know that it's not Alan Wake 2, right? Night Springs is something different.

TheNightNinja2390d ago

Yes "he" does, you might have noticed the story was tagged as "Night Springs" as well. Alan Wake 2 is just what everyone was calling it when the teaser image was posted with. Thanks for the heads up though! ;)