You don’t know what the GOTY is

-Skyrim preview.
-Diz is planning a MW3 game night Tuesday.
-Seriously, how can you vote for the GOTY?
-New Alan Wake game announced.
-Uncharted 3 stuff.
-Konrad is obsessed with listening to techno really loudly.

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TLG19912262d ago


but i have an open mind on whats still to come and i am looking forward to skyrim!

Ezio20482262d ago

i second you mate.
Mine is Uncharted 3!!! :D

Sanii2261d ago

I have a hunch Skyrim will come out on top :p

MajorJackHoff2261d ago

Man stop talking about Skyrim I'm starting to foam at the mouth again

Ares84HU2261d ago

Skyrim could be GOTY this year but knowing Bethesda and their video game developing track record, it will be full of bugs and problems on day one. I just hope it won't be the case though but that can really bring it down.

So far I'd say Uncharted 3 hands down.

Ser2261d ago

It's going to be Uncharted 3 or Skyrim.

Put money on it, gents.

sohaben2261d ago

I still dont understand that a game which not everyone can play ( uncharted 3) can even be considered...

Although, it is fan voted, right? So they start out the underdog anyay...too badd, too, because i would have liked to play it

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DrRobotnik2261d ago

I think it will be Batman: Arkham City.

sohaben2261d ago

I wont give that game a minute of my offense...just my opinion

cstyle2261d ago

Batman AC will win. Highest score on metacritic so far.

chaldo2261d ago

It's not always about the metacritic score ;)

DonaldBeck2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

i wonder why nobody ever says highest n4g score, why is it always metacritic? they pick and choose what they want to put on there site. you do not get the truth. ?????

anyways mine is between dark souls, deuse ex human revolution, uncharted 3, and probably skyrim, maybe assassins creed. i havent played either yet so i dont know.

yeah, counting the top 100 especially when uc3 gets like over 50 10/10 scores and only 20 or so show up? or when every score under 9 miraculously shows up on there?

coolbeans2261d ago

How can you expect metacritic to count every single "average-joe" website? It's not like they're surpressing truth, rather counting the top 100+ site,mags,etc. that get the most traffic.

coolbeans2261d ago

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will more than likely score higher. Portal 2's tied with Batman: AC (depending on certain platforms).

The Iron Sheik2261d ago

Batman didn't have the no name websites trashing it just for hits like Uncharted 3 did.

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SockeyBoy2261d ago

I would love Dark Souls to take the win.

Ares84HU2261d ago

It's too hardcore to win a GOTY. Maybe from RPG specific websites but on

KingSlayer2261d ago

If Skyrim is as boring as Fallout 3 and Oblivion, it will still be stroked over. Uncharted 3 for me, followed by Batman and PixelJunk SideScroller.

sohaben2261d ago

I dont understand "stroked over" they both won GOTY, didnt they?

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The story is too old to be commented.