Is the Playstation 3 Really Selling That Well? write:

"We have seen reports from Japan and Europe showing that Playstation 3 sales are up, even thrashing the Wii in Japan three weeks running. Yesterday saw Sony boast a 300% sales increase in America since the beginning of November. But are things really that rosy for the Japanese giant?"

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sonarus3952d ago

i have to admit i am skeptical about the 300% sales increase but this article simply shows how much the media loves to hate ps3. too much good ps3 news is bad for the media

The Killer3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

the north american media dont like a jap company to be number 1 and beating a american company!! we dont see much of an attack against the 360 although it have as much problems as the ps3!!

about the 300% increase in sales i think its true but i think they where comparing it to the day before blackfriday!! if u think of it it makes sense!! 300% increase to true but i think they meant to the days before B/F!!

who disagree with me?? show ur self! its true wat i said!!

Mr Murda3952d ago

I've been at my local Best Buy several times in the past few weeks, and there are NO Wiis, NO 360s, but plenty of PS3's. This also reflects the same situation at my local Wal-Mart and Circuit City. It's quite possible that the PS3 is selling well (I hope so, so that there are more people on PSN), but I'm going based off of what my eyes see. And that is that there are plenty of PS3s to be had in my neck of the woods.

unlimited3952d ago

Sony might shipped to many PS3 to retailers..They going to make sure to have plenty of PS3 out for the holidays..I am sure other retailers in NA sold good amount of PS3..

sticky doja3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I went to my local Walmart yesterday and saw both the 40g and 80g in stock, but I also saw the 360 arcade and premium. No no elite's and definatly no Wii's in sight.

Husso3952d ago

media are retards.

ripten are nothing but moron Xbots only they could be so dumb to use amazon an a source for anything.

techie3952d ago

I just looked at the authors bio Husso...and he only owns a PS3. Plus his other articles are pro pro Sony. Like "Uncharted on the Xbox360: Not Bloody Likely!" So I think you're wrong.

Real Gambler3952d ago

Why is it only about the PS3??? Absolutely no store had a special discount on ANY consoles on black friday in my area. What, they are expecting people to wait in line at 5:00 a.m for a store to open so they can pick up a $70 item at half price, then, on the spur of the moment, buy a $400 console that is not on sale???

Even games were not on sale. Well, not more than usual. So that could have been the incentive. Go to the store, get the game for $10 less, so you buy the $400 console???

I'm sorry, but guy who write article about the fact consoles are not selling well on black friday have no idea what black friday is all about. Must not have purchasing power, so I'm assuming kids, 16 or younger. Not that they could not write good articles, but they should refrain from writing about the fact that a $400 console should sell well, even if it's not on sale, on black friday.

Who knows, I may be wrong, maybe somewhere in the corner of a little state, there was a true black friday PS3 sale. Let me know if any of you picked up one at half price last friday, and I'll retract.

Otherwise, having stock in store right now is just a good thing. I'm sure Nintendo would like the shelves full of Wiis right now. Christmas is around the corner. Marketing wise, you want to grab as much floor space as you can NOW... During december, everything is about floor space. Even your warehouse space is precious. So personally, if really Sony has already stocked all the big chain to the roof like many people think, then they did an awesome job. If the consoles are still there after Christmas, then we will know if they have a problem. But convincing store managers to get pallets of consoles during the time of the year where every square inches in so precious, I'm sorry, but it's Sony 1, and the others 0...

ruibing3952d ago

I wish people would stop saying things like they were out of stock here and there when its about the difference of how much they had originally and now. Let's just wait for the NPD numbers.

TheZippo3952d ago

I was on Amazon yesterday and also noticed the best seller list but here's something I found more interesting. The 80G version is selling better then the 40G version.

Whether or not that because one comes with a game while the other a movie I don't know. Also could be because the 40G has no backward compatibility. Any thoughts?

Texas GMR3952d ago

Your statement "lets face it
the north american media dont like a jap company to be number 1 and beating a american company!!" is simply untrue a stupid as hell!!

Look around you! Every electronic device is made from an Asian country! Americans are not loyal to any brand. They buy with their wallets, not with their "loyalty". We buy whatever we want, no matter who makes it!

Do you live in America? Who's buying all these Wii's and PS3's then?

The Killer3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

americans buying Asians things only because there is no competition with american product!! USA dont make much of electronics except pc's!!
look at the car examples, in USA u will mostly see american cars although u can find better with jap or EU cars!!
but maybe simply americans loves shooting games and thats y 360 us selling well but u cant deny that there is a huge attack on ps3 from NA media!!

about ps3 having few game, please tell me how many so much games for u?? 360 has only bioshock(which is coming next year to ps3) halo 3 and the rest is multiplatform and yes some is even better on ps3(assassin's creed,lost planet) !! and dont bring game that were release in 2006 because they are dead now!!

about the high price then explain to me why the elite is the only 360 sold-out console which is higher in price than the 40GB ps3??

Texas GMR3952d ago

You tend to get alot of heat when you don't deliver what you say you will deliver. Sony talked alot of smack and now they are eating their words. I think the final straw was the price of the system. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying it wasn't worth it. It's just quite a bit to pay for a "game console" with very little games (until now).

wind_dragon3952d ago

wat did Sony say that makes u think their eating their words? They've seemed to have delivered or in the process of delivering they said...that i remember anyway.

360Crusader3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

I never heard anything more idiotic in my life. But thats half true but only vice versa. By the way if your not American, your opnion holds no grounds only idiots would agree with you
( blind Sony fan boys looking for any excuse they can get their hands on)

P.S. Americans buy American cars because we like the style, it's a matter of taste you fool not loyalty.

Kaneda3952d ago

i saw only one ps3 locked up @ walmart... but that was like 2 weeks before black friday...

AngryTypingGuy3951d ago

"too much good ps3 news is bad for the media" -- Did Sony hurt the media's feelings or something?

godofthunder103951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )

i'll agree that the ps3 sales went up but i think that it isn't even close to what sony said,remember they lied to us before.
where i live at they have 5 walmarts and i could go to any one and buy one but i can't find a wii or 360 and some walmarts are full of ps3 and walmart had a promotion that when you buy a ps3 you get to pick any 10 br movies that you want instanly and they said in the sales paper they are limited to 2 per store and it was suppose to last to noon on friday but like every thing else they have a sale on the products to they sale them out and i went the next day and 3 of the walmarts still said that i was able to get 10 br movies because they didn't sale their limit.even at gamestop they still had a lot of ps3s.
when i ask people what system that they have or planning to buy 9 0ut of 10 say the wii or 360.i'm not saying that the ps3 isn't selling well some where else but where i live at you could go any where you want and buy a ps3 you could go to best but,circuit city ,target,the 5 walmarts and buy as many as you want and when i ask the sale people wich one is selling the most they say the wii and 360 ,even when i asked the sale person at game stop he said that they can't sale the ps3 and if i knew anyone that wanted a ps3(any one of them) to send them to him because they nees to sale some of them.
i think that sony lied about how many ps3 that they sold so they could try and get people to jump on the bandwagon and they wouldn't be the first company to do it,every company try and do things like this so they could start selling their products more.
i'm not saying that the ps3 isn't a good system because it is and it does somethings better then the 360 and the 360 does some things better then the ps3 and that's a fact.but the ps3 isn't god and it has faults to.if fanboys from both sides shut up they will sale more of both systems but when people critize the system that they don't have all they are doing is making people hate the system that they have and they want buy the system that they are braging about being better.
the ps3 and 360 have about 95% of the same games and they both have good exclusives coming out next year.i know that ps3 fans say that the 360 doesn't have any good exclusives comeing out next year but they are wrong,the 360 have

1-dark messiah of might and magic
2-halo wars
3-Kingdom Under Fire™: Circle of Doom
4-Lost Odyssey
5-Ninja Gaiden® 2
6-Too Human™
7-splinter cell conviction
10-house of dead
12-Infinite Undiscovery
13-All Points Bulletin
15-Project Offset
16-banjo kazooie
17-Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures
18-Beautiful Katamari
19-Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
21-Ancient World Online
22-Dead Island

and this is just some of them they have more

i don't like buying forign products especialy if they are from japan(sony)but if you want to watch movies in hd you have to buy a forign product and i was interested in br and if the ps3 was $300 and the stand alone player was $200 i would've bought one but when they had an hd dvd player on sale for a 4100 i bought it because you can't beat it.
i know that some br fans will say that 1080i sux and 1080p is the best,but if you don't have a big screen tv the picture is the same and if you do have one the picture isn't that much different.i bet that the people that say 1080i sux have a tv that is 60ins or less and if they do then 1080i and 1080p is the same thing.if you put them in a room with two tvs that are the same with the same hook up and one has a hd dvd player at 1080i and the other has a br player at 1080p they want be able to tell the difference.
some people claim that br is better then hd dvd,well i like to know how because they are the exact damn thing,the only thing that br had over hd dvd is space and now that change because hd dvd is releasing a 51gb disc and then they will be the same thing,and disney even voted to let them do it and if disney would've voted no then it would've probaly been the end to hd dvds,so what do that tell you.
the only thing that hd dvd will have over br is that when hd dvd was released it was 100% completed so they didn't have to mess with the disc,the only thing they are doing is making it bigger and they already confirmed that the 51gb discs will still work on the old players.
when sony released br it wasn't 100% complete but they rushed it so they could put it in the ps3 so they could get a good install base with br and that's why they had a lot of trouble to release it at sony is changing br so it could do do pip,internet use,and other things that hd dvds does already and sony alreadt confirmed that all the stand alone br players they sold will not be able to play the new discs.

The Killer3951d ago

then explain to me y ps3 game reviews get always low score and any 360 exclusive game must get over 9/10?? halo 3 was the most game on earth that was over hyped! mass effect have many problems yet they gave it higher than uncharted!! the american media is attacking ps3 and supporting 360 by purpose!

360Crusader3950d ago

Oh whatever I'm done trying to talk to this fuc*ing idiot.
Believe what you want.

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PStriple7033952d ago

are back on track, and for some people it's hard to believe....

techie3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )


PStriple7033952d ago

that's the best avi on n4g, dat game is amazing!

bubble for you

techie3952d ago

It was made just for me :) And it's a pretty amazing game I agree. 9.4/10

techie3952d ago

Who disagreed with my smiley face!? WHO ARE YOU!? SHOW YOURSELF!

techie3952d ago

Ha...4 disagrees! Aren't you all a bunch of comedians! lol retards :P

coolfool3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

Maybe they are just disagreeing with a smiley face cuz it's funny.

Even I had the urge to click on the disagree for the sheer, throw caution to the wind, fun of it! :p

I mean, how can someone disagree with nothing? Still, I think you should use your bubbles as you see fit as you have earnt them. Whether that be a "deep" and meaningful or just a smiley.......

Thursday3951d ago

Here in Sweden, all this sounds pretty strange to us, since the PS3 has never really lost momentum here. I know about ten people that own the console, and far from all of them are hardcore gamers.

Don't really know why this is, but here I've never ever heard anyone complaining about integrated Blu-ray etc. Most people seem to consider the PS3 to be a really good deal, simple as that.

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IntelligentAj3952d ago

Damn. How much evidence do you need to at least acknowledge that, for the moment, things are looking up for the PS3? Damn why does all of this hate get directed at Sony? The sales figures look good for it's first year yet people have nothing but negative things to say about Sony. Damn...

techie3952d ago

Just slight scepticism :)

unlimited3952d ago

Everybody love to hate the PS3..Even if its doing great in other parts of the world. The ps3 having a big increase in sales in NA but people still wont shut up and try to downplay it like its no big deal and shouldnt be postive news for Sony. The media need to STFU dont they get tired of always writing Shi% about Sony..

ry-guy3952d ago

Like there isn't just as much hate for the Xbox 360 out there?

There is equal hate spewed on these boards all the time.

Rangitahi3952d ago

some people just dont want to see the ps3 do well.....eventho its a really powerful system and it has some pretty impressive titles with huge titles yet to come..

its crazy

Kleptic3952d ago

while I too have skepticism about the sales...this article does a great job of pointing out that the 360 and Wii are most likely seeing similar increases on their end, which still puts them overall ahead of the PS3...

not sure what he is getting at with Europe though...European numbers have been being released weekly (albeit from sources branded as not accurate)...and it reflects the increases for the PS3, with it consistantly outselling the 360 lately...

either way...this black friday stuf is getting retarded...the only console sold out in my area is the Wii...which is how its always been...the PS3 and 360 are readily available at most retailers, with possibly one SKU of each amiss (Elite sold out somewhere, 40 gig sold out somewhere, etc.)...

PS3 will do fine this christmas...2nd and 3rd shipments of Rockband and AC have all sold out mostly everywhere...where as they are still around for the 360 (mostly due to the 360 getting a much larger initial shipment)...but software wise the PS3 might finally have a good selling season...

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scrillakiller3952d ago

dear god please dont let ps3 sell well u know how unforgiving the ps army can be please god dont let them them wipe the floor with other consoles again

Boink3952d ago

but what the article is saying is that the sales of the other consoles have incresed by the same amount as well.

so does a 300% increase really matter if everyone else goes up 300% as well

Leathersoup3952d ago

Just kidding people!!! :D

ravinash3952d ago

the bigger the user base...the more games will be made! YA!

Chubear3952d ago

ROTFL!!! Cause you know it's true >_< lol

Daishi3952d ago

"u know how unforgiving the ps army can be please god dont let them them wipe the floor ", OMG WTF is wrong with you. Nobody teach this kid to fly a plain...

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mighty_douche3952d ago

we all know that. i believe its called Bills-Law.

actas1233952d ago

who is bill Bill O'rally? lol