The Next Xbox codenamed "Ten" and Slated for Release "Holiday 2012"

GB : We have some interesting news for you regarding the Next Xbox and what Microsoft is planning. As you know the Wii U is slated to launch next year, so it looks like Microsoft won’t give them any room to breathe as the rumors are that they will be unveiling the next Xbox at CES next year.

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Misterhbk2418d ago

Hmmm interesting code name. It'll be interesting to see where Microsoft goes with this of true. I also wonder what they'll do differently with the next Xbox. Online was their heavy focus this time but what will they focus on next? Kinect maybe? Who knows.

mugoldeneagle032418d ago

Literally earlier today Kotaku had a piece up about the next Xbox being codenamed "Loop" and having Windows 9 somewhat integrated and blah blah blah...

All we know is Microsoft is definitely working on the next system. No use getting excited for anything more than that till it's confirmed.

Jdrm032418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Loop is a competitor to Apple TV. basically it's Xbox TV with the ability to play some kinect games. Think of it as a trojan horse to get more kinects in households for the uber casuals.

inveni02418d ago

Yeah, I almost think that Microsoft is developing two "systems". One more for games, and one more for general entertainment (like Apple TV, but with Kinect). I don't think the second one will do much gaming, though. In fact, it still may not even have a BluRay player but just use video streaming (like Roku).

NEW-AGE2418d ago

Since they refuse to go Blu-Ray cause its Sonys Format guess everygame over 10GB will be sold on its own 2.5 Sata Drive or a USB Thumb Drive.....They Should take their time and Create a RELIABLE product this time , im just Sad that something i read said Next Gen wont Be a big leap like PS2 to PS3 was. Cause it cost Sony too much and the economy cant handle an amazing do it all product for $600, what a Shame

Micro_Sony2418d ago

You do realise that Sony is one of many people who own Blu Rey.

Plus look what Nintendo is doing with the Wii U - sure the disk space might not be as big as Blu Rey but at least they do not have to pay royalities.

I love Blu Rey but if it will lead to MS charging gamers more for games because they have to pay royalties then I rather them go the Nintendo route. I dont like paying a yearly fee for Live as is but I really do not complain becuse after a long day at work it feels good to grab a cold miller light and play some Gears online with my buddies.

kneon2418d ago

Sony is also part of the group that owns the DVD and CD IP. Microsoft has been paying them royalties for that already so why should they care about paying royalties for BluRay?

The format war is done and buried so they no longer have any reason not to adopt bluray.

HSx92418d ago


Actually the Japanese people are very traditional and simple things like that are looked down upon in their culture.

aquamala2418d ago

Doesn't have to be blu ray, it can be their own optical 50gb+ format

darthv722418d ago

their next system will be both portable and console? Yeah I'm a broken record but there is some legitimacy to that sentiment.

We all know the portable market is getting huge. Tablets, smartphones and dedicated units (ex. 3ds & vita) so why not go with a unit that encompasses all of that? Maybe not so much the phone but then again they very well could.

WP7 is a good platform and for MS to build a system that uses that for portable interaction on the web and gaming is not that hard to believe. They would be the only ones like apple was to the iphone and ipad. MS builds a unit that when you take it with you it is fully functional with touch screen and voip capabilities and all connections to xbox live and full library of existing 360 software but also its own library of titles. Movies and TV shows

Then when you bring it home, you can dock it and play games on the big screen and watch movies and tv. It is very possible as we have seen that things like the ipad and psp/go feature video out (ipad being more hd than the go).

This is a market I can actually see MS jumping into and being a runaway hit. No kinect interaction when portable but when you get it home it works like it should. Sony has stated the vita will have ps3 level graphics and performance for its size. MS is more than likely looking at all of these ideas and just trying to settle on what they believe will be the next big thing.

Portables used to be a niche compared to the bigger consoles. Now we are seeing that change with the ever increasing sales of portable gaming platforms and other portable devices.

Question is...what could they get to power the thing? quad core chips for phones and tablets are coming soon (if not already) and graphics chips are getting smaller and smaller and yet more robust than they once were.

PS3Freak2418d ago

Code name "ten" defined as a console targeted primarily towards ten year old children. Ala Kinect.

HardCover2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )


If you want to stay ahead of the curve, then why do you care what the consoles are releasing? Grab a PC with 3DVision and don't look back.

sphinct2417d ago

A lot of these pieces lately. Too many and it makes it hard to tell which is actually legit.

Perjoss2417d ago


Microsoft can use a format similar to HD-DVD, a format does not have to be widely used to be viable, does anyone remember the Dreamcasts' GD-ROM 1 gigabyte disc?

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MostJadedGamer2418d ago

Here's how its probably going to play out.

2012- Wii U
2013- MS Console
2014- PS4

killerhog2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

sony will not release the ps4 in 2014 lol. it will probably not be called ps4 either, as the number four there (Japan) is sometimes pronounced "shi" which means 'death' i believe, and it is a very superstitious number

MAJ0R2418d ago

no way Sony is gona release a year later, just not happening

as for the rumor, no new console announcement @ E3 2011... E3 2012 announcement makes more sense and holidays 2013 release

colonel1792418d ago

@MostJadedGamer: There is no way Sony will let MS launch its console first again. Either both launch in 2013, or both on 2014, but neither will let the other launch first this time.

@killerhog: I am teaching myself Japanese and I just learned about that. After having the PSP2 named Vita, it is almost certain that they will drop the numbers, especially having the number 4 the perfect "excuse". I am all for that though, it allows for more creativity and better marketing.

GMWPS32418d ago

I predict MS and Sony will both announce their new consoles next year and will both start sales by Christmas 2012.

The timing would be right as the graphics have now peaked and we can't expect any further 'leaps' in graphics on the current consoles.

JsonHenry2418d ago

I've said it a million times on here- the new xbox will launch near winter 2013. Mind you, winter 2013 starts at the end of 2012.

news4geeks2418d ago


That would probably be the most ridiculous thing I'd have witnessed. For a country as advanced and culturally developed as Japan, to drop a name on superstition is absolutely ludicrous.

YourFlyness2418d ago

@ Killerhog

while that is true about the number 4, I can cite numerous Japanese-made Worldwide products the has the number 4 in it. I dont think they will let that effect their decision if they decide to go with PS4

PetitPiPi2418d ago


I highly doubt MS would release their console AFTER the holiday season.

MostJadedGamer2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

"@MostJadedGamer: There is no way Sony will let MS launch its console first again. Either both launch in 2013, or both on 2014, but neither will let the other launch first this time."

First of all Sony can NOT stop MS from launching their if MS is way ahead in the development process or if Sony has problems in the development process, and they can only GUESS when the next MS console will come.

Second of all there is a LOT more to releasing a console then just guessing whn your opponent may release their console.

Third of all the PS2 absolutely crushed the Dreamcast despite launching a year later. The PS3 launching a year later then the 360 had absolutely nothing at all to do with PS3/360 sales. It was the $599 launch price that really HURT Sony, and HELPED MS. $599 was everything.

Fourth the PS3 still hasn't even reached the true mass market price point of $199 yet. The PS3 has plenty of life, and sales potential left. So Sony is not going to releae the PS4 til they have got most of they can out of the PS3. What we can say for sure is that the PS4 will not be more then $399 at the most.

Darth_Bane792418d ago

@News for Geeks: Then you probably don't know much about the Japanese. Their culture is very superstitious, and there is nothing wrong with following your traditions, specially in a time when world wide cultural decline is at it's highest. There are things that we are gonna find ridiculous about a certain culture, but also there are things that other cultures might find ridiculous about ours. It's all about respecting one another.

Shackdaddy8362417d ago

@news4geeks - It actually isn't ridiculous at all. It's the same reason why there isn't a 13th floor in a lot of buildings in America - because it's considered an unlucky number.


Microsoft will announce their next console when the PS3 is a threat to 2nd place. My guess is at E3 2012...about the time the PS3 ties the 360 for 2nd place.

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morkendo232418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

so much for the 720 name. tomorrow article title be


TheXgamerLive2418d ago

I get so tired of these rumors, people just trying to get hits. Nobody knows but MS yet bits of info and common sence state no sooner than Xmas 2013. i'll bet big bucks not 2012. MS and sony summer fall 2013 imo.

2418d ago
realgamer8902418d ago

Although I agree with everything you said, no company will release a console in the Summer. Summer is the time where there are little to no releases. Video games make the least amount of money through May-July. A November 2013 release seems very reasonable as the holiday season will be right around the corner; PROVIDED that MS and Sony announce their consoles at E3 2012. Then they'll use most of 2013 to build up hype till Fall. The we can start the 8th Generation Console War, lol.

otherZinc2418d ago

No new XBOX will be released in 2012, period!

princejb1342418d ago

nice microsoft looking forward to it=]

Tanir2418d ago

Oh goodness hopefully not kinect, hopefully they choose to make more games and make more 1st party studios

frostypants2418d ago

I've called this about 50 times on N4G over the last year or so. Late 2012/early 2013 for both the 720 and PS4. Book it!

realgamer8902418d ago

False. Announcement but not release. Fall 2013 release would be more realistic. Not trying to bash you or anything-just running off logic and reason.

DevastationEve2417d ago

I hope they continue selling it with onboard flash memory storage (like the current base model) or even an SSD. They're not so expensive anymore and you'll only really need like 10-20GB. It'll especially be great for game data caching.

I also hope games still stay on disc.

Axecution2417d ago

This is just begging for disagrees, but I actually really kinda want a new console to come out.

Current consoles are getting pretty outdated. My Macbook can run games that look and play way better than any PS3 games.

Uncharted 3 was absolutely amazing, and way better than any PC game... but i definitely wouldn't mind if it ran at 1080p with higher quality textures. Or if i could talk to my friends and listen to music and browse the internet and playstation store, etc while playing games in the background.

rofl i sound like a PC-tard. Im not, im really not. I bought Battlefield 3 but still haven't beaten it because... idk i just like my consoles i guess haha.

But i do think newer, better consoles would be nice.

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DarkBlood2418d ago

if true then i'll have to get Vita, WII U and the next xbox within the same year

i suspect early 2013 release of ps4 if thats viable

frostypants2418d ago

If they stick with the Cell architecture, it would be totally viable.

DarkBlood2417d ago

i guess the ghosts dont like that i can get all systems lol :P

hudsoniscool2418d ago

every week theres another one of these "leaks". but what ever, i hope for 2012 release. this gen is showing its age, and i got a lot of money saved so im all for a new console that can run some crazy shit.

MultiConsoleGamer2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

When I first heard the release date for Halo 4 I thought "well they'll never start a new Halo saga on current hardware."

Now it will be really crazy if the WiiU and the Next Box launch in the same month, just like GameCube and Xbox, which both launched in November 2001.

Well... anyone who has been following rumors or the recent hirings at MS knows this rumor is probably true. They've been working on this thing for years.

PimpDaddy2418d ago

The Xbox 360 is already 6 years old. I think Microsoft will want to get another head start on Sony and try to match up with Nintendo's plans.

Microsoft can continue to sell the 360 at a reduced price while ramping up production and gradually switching resources to the new Xbox.

2012 is definitely possible.

solidt122418d ago

They already switch resources over to the next Xbox. Why do you think there has not been and big game announcements or releases other than Gears 3. The only new games coming are Kinect games while the other studios are working on next gen titles for the next Xbox.

frostypants2418d ago

Sony won't let them get a head start this time. Whichever one announces a date first, the other will match. Just watch.

realgamer8902418d ago


Sony is doing the same, but they already had their 2011 exclusive releases planned. There's been numerous rumors about the PS4 is already begun development and about the processor it's running on.

Relientk772418d ago

Wait seriously?

This is sooner than expected, that's for sure

KingPin2418d ago

you saying this forgetting that microsoft is the same company that ditched the Xbox after 4 years. by ditched, i mean they stopped selling the hardware and stopped all companies from making software for the system. they basically killed it after 4 years.

so anything they do, no matter how short the lifespan is, wont surprise me anymore.

iamnsuperman2418d ago

Agree considering they announced halo 4 it is going to be after that. I really do not thinkHalo 4 is not going to be a next gen game. I expect early 2013 and the same goes for the PS4

Aloren2418d ago

Why not ? by then the 360 will be 7 years old... just as old as the PS2 was when the PS3 came out, and the PS2 wasn't exactly considered to have a short lifespan... This time around, I seriously doubt MS will abandon the 360.

SignifiedSix2418d ago

@KingPin: It's actually Nvidias fault that the original xbox had to stop production, not microsoft...

IronFistChinMi2418d ago

@KingPin That was due to the contract they had in place with Nvidia. The contract allowed Nvidia to keep charging sky-high prices for the Xbox architecture , keeping Microsofts production costs high and unprofitable.

Microsoft wanted to renegotiate the contract, but Nvidia refused to budge, if they did, the original Xbox would've lasted a bit longer.

2418d ago
JOHN_DOH2417d ago

So it's Nvidias fault that ms didn't want to pay the price they agreed when they made the contract? Nvidia doesn't own their own production facility. I think it's TSMC that makes nvidia gpus (they don't do it for free)

IronFistChinMi2417d ago

@John_Doh Microsoft were paying the agreed price, but typical console chipset deals allow for for the console manufacturer to reduce production costs, by using revised cheaper to produce parts when they become available.

Nvidia had a cheaper chipset available eventually, but wouldn't allow Microsoft to use it. This meant that the Xbox would've continued to be unprofitable the longer it was on the market and Microsoft would've lost a lot more money if they never ceased production.

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