Computer games are now more popular with older consumers

Computer games are the must have gift for thirty-somethings this Christmas, according to a survey by battery manufacturer Energizer.

Just under a third (30 per cent) of 16 -24 year olds would choose a games console compared to nearly half of 25–34 year olds (42 per cent). The poll shows computer games are now more popular than ever with older generations.

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Maddens Raiders3764d ago

like myself have been gaming since Atari? Is this a serious article?

"The poll shows computer games are now more popular than ever with older generations."

Really? Older generations - lol. I don't think people in my Dad's or 45 year old uncle's generation will be that interested in consoles. It's mainly those born from 1972, 1973, '74, & '75 downward that will care about video games for the rest of their lives. Face it - Video Games are popular with many - it's just that this is the market that was targeted back in the day by the (Atari's, Commodore's, NES's, & Sega Master System's of the world) and those demographic targets worked, because I'll be a gamer for the rest of my natural life and even afterlife if the Good Lord permits. =]

Cat3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I thought it was funny, too. it seemed a revelation to them that we, the "older generation" -- apparently the ripe age of 25 counts -- grew up with and stuck with gaming. and we have full-time jobs to support our hobby!

Edit @ Snoop: yeah, my sister in laws father plays C&C, too.

snoop_dizzle3764d ago

my grandfather loves to play the C&C series and hes in his 60s.