California Senator Urges Parents to Avoid Violent Games for the Holidays

California State Senator Leland Yee has issued a press release in which he advises parents not to purchase violent video games for their children during the holiday season.

Yee, who sponsored California's contested 2005 video game law, is a child psychologist by training. He cited research showing potential harmful effects on younger players and took a swipe at the ESRB, the video game industry's content rating body. He also singled the controversial Manhunt 2 for criticism. The press release includes a list of tips to help parents select games for their children and counsels them to avoid first-person and third-person shooter games.

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IntelligentAj3914d ago

I've got a better idea:How about you actually research what you are buying your kids to play and **GASP*** actually play it or see what the game is about before you accept blanket criticism. A$$holes...

Megaton3914d ago

That's actually what this guy promotes. He doesn't want children getting the games, that's why he's targeting parents in this article. He's not like Jack Thompson. His big gripe is that the ratings have zero enforcement, which is fine with me.

I may advocate an AO console market because I'm an adult, buy I don't want little kids strangling people with their Wii-motes in Manhunt 2 either.

Skerj3914d ago

Exactly Xiphos, certain games and movies I play and watch respectively my kids for damn sure won't be seeing for quite a while. Yee won my respect for changing his crusading stance to one of informing parents on what they need to do. Jack should take a look and follow suit instead of levying frivilous lawsuits against anyone who looks at him crosseyed.

Xbox is the BEST3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

don't make people crazy. People are crazy. What video game did Charles Manson played? But I do argee with him.