Halo Anniversary - Is CE Still Relevant?

MMGN writes: With Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, which is a celebratory release of the 2002 Xbox game, we're getting the same campaign with a new skin and an enhanced graphics engine. So why would anyone actually want to play a game that's just a rehash of a ten-year old experience, so soon after the release of major industry stalwarts from Activision and EA?

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vishant1012413d ago

um 600000 pre orders says hell yeah

Focus2412d ago

. . .in just the US. Many more worldwide

darthv722412d ago

that is an interesting question. Those who are fans of the series will more than likely get this because of the significant updates it has been givien. The classic halo multiplayer is always a crowd pleaser, even by today's cod/bf gamer.

The relevance of something will always be brought into question when something else is considered. Looking back before MW even came out Halo 2 and even Halo 3 were always somewhere near the top of the multiplayer charts.

COD was good but when MW came out....there was the "halo killer" that Activision had been wanting. No doubt every time a COD game is out it creates a surge of online competition. Even surpassing the popularity of Halo. That is in part to COD being on multiple platforms and halo isnt.

MS should (and could) give halo 2 the same respect in an anniversary edition. Seeing as that was the game that really put halo on top multiplayer.

StraightPath2412d ago

Ahhh I remember this game, a revolutionary game indeed, earned its place in gaming history. To this day it leaves a mark by popularising mechanics like regen health , and limited inventory and console multiplayer. Master Class game.

bobrea2412d ago

I love when game "journalists" ask these stupid questions like they're posing some super important question. It's Halo. Yes, it's still relevant, you dolt.

hellerphant2412d ago

I love it when people are critical of "journalists" that don't even consider themselves "journalists".

bobrea2411d ago

My bad. I didn't realize you had to "be" something in order to be critical of it.

Does that mean I can't be critical of child molesters because I am in fact not one myself?

Does that mean I can't be critical of government leaders since I am, in fact, not one myself?

You're all over this comment section defending this article. Did you write it? Why so defensive?

2412d ago
guigsy2412d ago

"With Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, which is a celebratory release of the 2002 Xbox game"

Guess again, why on earth do they think it's called 'Anniversary'? Fantastic journalism.

hellerphant2412d ago


It's a celebratory release. It's celebrating its anniversary. What are you talking about?

guigsy2411d ago

Yes, a 10-year anniversary to be exact, and yet the article quotes the original game being released in 2002.

Switch on.

tmoss7262412d ago

Protip: game launched in US in 2001. Just saying.

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