HD DVD to get "community screening" feature

A new function for HD DVD will be available next month, allowing multiple viewers to watch the same movie and interact over a global network.

The new "community screening" feature will debut with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which comes out for HD DVD in December. The disc will allow users to send out invites to other owners of the movie to watch it together.

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whoelse3952d ago

All this does is tell other people who own the movie to watch the movie when you're going to watch it... so its pretty pointless. Its confusing because people instantly think you are streaming your movie to others.

blackmagic3952d ago

This is a great new feature which only starts to tap into the possibilities.

Here's a way of applying this feature:
Warner hosts several Community Viewings, one with the director, one with J.K. Rowling, one with each of the main actors and they interactively live blog through the movie. That would be pretty cool!

Darkiewonder3952d ago

Wonder what the quality will be at since it's showing the movies to others! ;o

athlon7703952d ago

you are not showing your movie with others, they have to have the movie as well, the only thing which is coordinated is starting the movie and messaging each other during the movie...Personaly, it is a neat gimmic, but I can't see it used much.

When you are at the theater, do you strike up conversations your neighbor and chit chat back and forth, I don't, the only thing I see this used for is friends doing this when they can't be in the same house.

I give it a 4 out of 10 on the WOW factor.

Darkiewonder3952d ago

I may as well talk to them online and watch it myself. or do a live stream or something. :o

gamesblow3952d ago

I guess it'd be alright, but I'm kinda gettin' sick of not having to leave the house anymore... I mean, everything is too accessible. Even watching movies in a "theater" like atmosphere is now available from the comfort of your living room, or will be soon.

Kinda feel like stepping outside right about now.

ChefDejon3952d ago

not even gonna lie that a nice lil feature

the worst3952d ago

lets go blu ray
you need something like that

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The story is too old to be commented.