Hideo Kojima thinks buying the MGS HD Collection is Funny

Apparently, Hideo Kojima laughs in the face of his fans who decide to buy his games. In his world, having childhood memories is extremely laughable. Its so laughable in fact, that he decided to put it in caps! Okay, though im sure he didn’t mean to laugh at this, but it still was pretty funny.

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MoXxXi2261d ago

Ha, this made me laugh at loud! Its completely stupid, but its funny! Almost like that misprint calling MW3 MW2.5 the other

Misterhbk2261d ago

A tweet that all he typed was 'LOL' is somehow news? I just...I don't even....

Pacman3212260d ago

This article wins the award for being the most retarded this year.

badz1492260d ago

didn't this get delayed to 2012? it's out already? Sorry Hideo, MGS HD have to wait. too many games too little time

WitWolfy2260d ago

maybe thats why his laughing, seeing it isnt out yet? LOL

Apocwhen2260d ago

Delayed in Europe until February 2012. Out this month in the US

badz1492260d ago

the delay was for europe? nah...still have to wait

Captain Qwark 92260d ago

its out and i bought it yesterday, i skipped mgs 3 becuase i was still pissed about ditching snake in mgs2 ( didnt play the version with snake, came out long after i beat it ) and dont have a psp for peace walker so their like brand new games to me.

so far mgs3 story is pretty awesome and the gameplay elements are great however the control is *ss

nycredude2260d ago

captain qwark 9

Get ready to be blown away. IMO MGS3 was the best in the series.

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Michael-Jackson2261d ago

He's laughing all the way to the bank?

MoXxXi2261d ago

Holy crap thats what I thought too

DonaldBeck2260d ago

as i always say, hideo kojima is da man

FreydaWright2260d ago

On Kojima, I can agree. On Che Guevara, he was an overly ambitious fool who disregarded millions of lives for the sake of an agrarian revolution. He was willing to launch nuclear missiles. A heartless bastard who beat and killed his own comrades and whose only wish (along with Castro) was to rule the world and brainwash the lower-class. End of rant.

Brownghost2260d ago

theres someone who didnt fail history class

kaveti66162260d ago

That's one way to look at it.

But since you never got inside his head, you wouldn't truly know what he wished.

reddeadite2260d ago

Okay three things
1)I agree with your statement about Che Guevara because...
2)The viva la revolution comment was an inside joke (a reference to DonaldBeck's comment in this article )
3) If you take a look at DonaldBeck's profile image it is not Che Guevara, but Gerard Butler from a scene in 300.
Anyway that's the end of my rant

SeraphimBlade2260d ago

That made my night. Keep up the awesome, Kojima.

Mike_Tha_Hero2260d ago

Oh Kojima you silly goose.

*buys MGS HD*

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The story is too old to be commented.