Modern Warfare 3 - Xbox 360, Ps3 & PC Comparison

A lot of people have been complaining over the Mw3 game engine, but how does the game actually compare in between the major platforms? Youtube user Robbaz got the answer.

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Pandamobile2229d ago

The console versions looked pretty disgusting in the cityscape shot.

ATi_Elite2227d ago

I've played Free 2 Play games that look better than MW3 PC.

Army_of_Darkness2227d ago

Really?! What game? I wanna check it out.

byeGollum2227d ago

Wow, the differences are light years apart :O ..

bayport2227d ago

PC wins...big surprise

SKUD2227d ago

60+ frames on the PC. Good vid. Better comparison then that lens of truth site. Worst ever.

DonaldBeck2227d ago

because the ps3 version looks the worst (mw3 has 2007 graphics anyways) im waiting till this drops to $20.00, if they couldent get the ps3 version up to par in every department, i cant be up to par in paying 60 bucks.

Army_of_Darkness2227d ago

Its been about what?! 6-7 cod games now and they still can't make the ps3 version as good or even better than the other platforms is pathetic and just lazy, not to mention the outdated engine they using... Thanks a lot for your support people! Cause we at activision are not going to improve anything until we start getting a big decline in sales.

DonaldBeck2227d ago

exactly, dice puts activision to shame.

trippyaaron2227d ago

good luck waiting for mw3 to drop to $20; cod4(a 2007 game) JUST hit $20.

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