Saints Row: The Third - Naked Gameplay

GameTrailers writes:

"What can I say? It's a great way to avoid getting blood on your clothes."

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Psychotica2167d ago

She runs like she has a stick up her ass

Zachmo1822167d ago

They have been running with sticks up there ass since the first Saints Row.

shammgod2167d ago

lol thats the only thing i wanted to comment about here, and it was the first comment

andron6662167d ago

Don't really see the point of playing nude if your pixelated. So dumb...

FacelessGod2167d ago

It's supposed to be funny. I don't think the point was for players to jack off while playing. So yeah, pixelated naughty bits.

andron6662167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Who would jack off to a few skin coloured pixels? It's just silly, you see more "skin" on the g-string stripper in the movie.

The game makers are just scared somebody would have a fit if the characters could really run around naked, now it just looks like they escaped from The Sims.

Just another way it shows M rated games are held to another standard than R rated movies because gaming is considered to be toys...

FacelessGod2167d ago

Okay, I just thought you were complaining about the pixelation because you wanted to see in game tits.

FacelessGod2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

Nobody want's to cause an uproar in the media, & with good reason. There aren't enough intelligent people backing the video game industry for a media backlash to happen too often. This exact same media discrimination has happened before with other forms of entertainment over the years. Just look back at the music industry, or comic books. Both recent examples of the very same media phenomena. Sure they may be accepted by the media now, but they weren't always.

Don't worry, the blame of "corrupting the youth" will move on to some other form of entertainment eventually.

Tdmd2167d ago

That's some horrible runnig animation!! Oo

2167d ago