Modern Warfare 3: Glitches and Bugs Galore (Invisible Player)

Pinoytutorial: Its now day one for Modern Warfare 3 and we already received reports about bugs and glitches being exploited by some gamers to gain a competitive edge against other players.

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Septic2418d ago

It was inevitable really.

One thing I do commend IW on is the fact that the game is actually playable on Day one. I didn't think it would be the case but I rarely came across any lag. Also, the whole party management system is extremely streamlined and works rather well.

Ther are still problems with the game though:

* Camping- even more so than before

* Spawn points- seriously bad. I really thought they would sort it out but enemies spawn on you and vice versa with worrying frequency. In fact, it happened in my first game (to my advantage).

* Hitboxes- you can't run around a corner to take cover it seems- JUST like MW2. You'll die well after you've gone round to take cover. One of the follies of the P2P system I think.

To be honest- this really is an expansion pack to MW2. I'm not trolling. It really is. Many of the sounds are the same and the same problems plague MW3 in the same way they did for MW2. But I still enjoy the classic COD formula.

SITH2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

You all will never get over "camping". There isn't a darn thing you can do about it. Not everyone wants to sprint the map every second and run into every claymore just to play the catch-a-bullet-game. You tend to die a lot with that tactic even if can sometimes yield a lot a kills.

badz1492417d ago

for god sake when will they learn?'s not that they don't learn, it's just that they don't want to learn! why even bother trying as sheep will keep buying regardless of being fed the rotten grass from 2007?

gamers brought this shit upon themselves and they have none other to blame but themselves!

after CoD4, I'm still CoD-free till now and by looking at the ways things are, it's going to stay that way longer!

Spitfire_Riggz2417d ago

I have to say this... The same engine and everything but there are STILL BUGS???????

Come on guys you could have at least fixed that

GraveLord2418d ago

Good luck with your ban guys!

kcuthbertson2417d ago

But what a lot of people don't realize is JUST HOW MANY people are playing this game...the more people..the more bugs/glitches that are bound to show up.

Anon19742417d ago

I commented on this before and got voted down, but I stick with it. I learned 3 COD's ago - don't buy Call of Duty games at launch. Wait till they release a couple of patches, wait till the servers are rock solid. There always seems to be some exploit, or balance issue, or server issue that just ends up frustrating players. After they iron those issues out I always find COD to be an enjoyable experience, but that first month or so usually just leaves me playing previous entries or other games altogether out of frustration. This time I'll just wait till after Christmas.

swishersweets200312417d ago


this shits funny lol.

Vortex3D2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Why do MW3 developers allow gamers walking on very narrow surface like at the top of fence? If they code the game to disallow it, then most of the "out of map" or climb at the top of invalid objects bugs will not occur.

I think many gamers will hate it because it's harder for them to go to invalid locations to cheat.

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