Modern Warfare 3: User Score Anomaly -- Last Desperate Attempt From Haters? (Analysis)

Pinoytutorial: Here's an analysis showing why the deliberate bombing of Metacritic's user score against Modern Warfare 3 is an act of desperation from those players who hates the game.

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GrieverSoul2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

lol! Me too.

People love to hate CoD.
Why wont people just ignore the game if it bothers them so much?

kamanashi2391d ago

Because they are crazy and have nothing better to do.

gamingdroid2391d ago

It's futile, just as ignorance, racism and stupidity is impossible to fight. This attempt illustrates two of those pretty well.

shenglongg2391d ago

When you have a large user fanbase you get a lot of enemies too..

darthv722391d ago

no matter what. It happened with halo 3 and gears and uncharted and lots of other high profile games.

It's to easy and not as fun to just let things slide. Like the release of a game that someone has no intention of playing. They just want to express their distaste for it.

It could be a defense mechanism. Those who feel threatened by something they dont care for will find a way to turn it around to profess their interest in the opposition.

Next gen political mud slinging. Yet these two games (BF3 and MW3) arent running for office so why bother?

Dante1122391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

@ Darth

From what I recall, this whole "rating down games on metacritic" fad begin when Little Big Planet suddenly started to get HUGE groups of ratings with just "...." comments with 0 negative marks in the user review section. After that happen and after Metacritic made a statement about the troll ratings, Killzone 2 suddenly started to get rated down when there weren't even any official reviews out yet. After that, all heck broke loose and Gears of War 2 and Halo 3 got caught in the madness and it's still happening today now with even multiplatform games. Pretty petty and unnecessary imo. I'll get the links to show everyone.

darthv722391d ago

yup I remember when they made a statement how they werent going to accept user reviews until the game released or something like that.

Before all of this, I think someone could make a user review even with the game not out. Still it just shows the integrity of this generation of gamer is more concerned with their view of a game than actually playing games.

Heartnet2391d ago

I know lol if u actually read the user comments half of them didnt even buy the game and are just rating it based on videos etc -_-

TomSawyer1872391d ago


Everyone's an f'in activist nowadays.

gamingdroid2391d ago

Actually, I have heard nothing but positive response for Uncharted. Never heard anything really negative, and even the "for hits" negative stories has been relatively positive.

People were actually complaining about a 8/10 score for Christ sake....

ZippyZapper2390d ago

MW3 360 1,228 low reviews
BF3 360 just 68 low reviews
MW3 PS3 296 low reviews
BF3 PS3 just 38 low scores.

These numbers show one thing. PS3/BF fanboys attack and troll anything 360.

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Dlacy13g2391d ago

It's amusing and sad at the same time.

Bereaver2391d ago

I've almost got used to it. Every game on metacritic will have atleast one hundred 0's.

Check it~

karl2391d ago

i really feel impotent when i see a crappy game like cod get all those sales and best game ever reviews.. and soo many fans. when it does nothing especial

they have a formula that works great.. and they dont plan to make it any better.. it sells and thats it soo we just keep blindingly buying the same game

that makes me feel impotent, soo what can i do? i bash the damn game ..

darthv722391d ago

if you feel "impotent" over a games popularity then there are other issues.

Cosmit2391d ago

So you are unable to achieve a sexual erection because of this? O_o


WhiteLightning2392d ago's people with some common sense.

If there were more lovers then haters then the score wouldn't be that low...the lovers wouldn't allow such a thing.

It just goes to show most people...and I said MOST, who play on COD aren't interest in games and things related to them. I mean you wouldn't see them fighting for it by writting a review for metacritic or even sign up to a gaming website such as this one.

How many people do you know who love COD but don't give a crap about any other game or games in gernal. It's a social gimmick and only does so well game wise because it's the "in" thing....kind of like a craze that has been developed in school, if you don't buy into it...then your a loser.

Before anyone says "So people who like COD aren't gamers"....notice how I said "MOST", people. The ones who have actually created a acount on here it dosen't apply to you.

iamnsuperman2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

"'s people with some common sense.

If there were more lovers then haters then the score wouldn't be that low...the lovers wouldn't allow such a thing. "

You made a good point but it happens for any game with competitions. Sadly people are very sad. It is also worth noting that the people on metacritic could be MW3's competitions lovers. Too be honest i am not suprised with the lack of positive because what are COD gamers doing now? They are probably playing it.

Honestly what is happening on metacritic is the sadiest thing ever. Really people have no lives. If you read some of them it sounds like they haven't played it. There is no quality control like on this website

ironwolf2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

"Quality control", on this site? Dear Lord I hope that's sarcasm I smell.

Solidus187-SCMilk2392d ago

hahah yes because a game that isnt broken deserves a bunch of 1s from people who havent played it at all.

also thats pretty far reaching with the "if there were more lovers then haters" line hahahahaha. That makes no sense at all.

Pretty sure the last few COD games sold around 20 million each. Thats like 19.99999 million more people who enjoy COD then hate it enough to make an account at metacritic just to give a game they havent played a 1.

Maybe people who enjoy cod are busy enjoying a game instead of reacting to what a bunch of butthurt people on some site they never heard of(metacritic)are doing.

You do know that the majority of people who play EVERY SINGLE VIDEOGAME EVER MADE dont know that metacritic exists. Raging fanboys sure do know about it for various reasons tho.

Fact is, a BUNCH of people who dont even play COD are butthurt simply because millions are enjoying something they don't.

ohh and let me guess haters. You are butthurt because some dudebro gave you a hard time about not playing COD.. HAHAHHAHAHA. Give me a break, if yuo are that sensitive then COD should be the least of your worries.

Ares84HU2391d ago

Common sense?????

I don't like CoDMW3 because of lazy developing, reusing everything from previous games,not making anything really new, just copy & paste but.....that does not mean that I should go on Metacritic and write some bullshit review just to bring the score of the game down, though in my opinion this game right now does not deserve an 8 out of 10 because they just did copy & paste and you got CoD4.4.

Heartnet2391d ago

Then why does it not deserve the same score? the only difference between sequels are graphics and single player with added modes in the multiplayer..

So Far CoD has 2/3 as they obv dont think the graphics are worth upgrading if its going to affect the fast pased gameplay of CoD...

Although they have reused buildings they have atleast retextured them which imho is alot harder than modelling a building as basic as some of them are.

And if ur going to mark down the game alot because of graphics then maybe u shud stop playing games and go look outside.. graphics are alot better there

Ares84HU2391d ago

@ Hartnet

You confuse me with a graphics whore. To me graphics aren't the number one thing in games. It comes after gameplay. I still play PS1 games and enjoy them a lot....even Genesis games.

The problem is that what they did is next to nothing. There is no improvement that's worth a brand new release in my eyes. That is an add-on. If I was to show MW2 and MW3 to someone who never seen these games, they would clearly say that it's the same game and not two different ones.

Obviously, you must keep a games spirit alive and keep the basic things intact that makes the game great and what it is but you MUST build on that and they did not do that at all.

And if it's the same as CoD4 why doesn't it deserve the same score??? because we are 5 years later and standards have been risen. That is why. What was worth a 9 than, is more like a 7-8 now. But that is normal in the video game world.

kamanashi2391d ago

Well, I guess there are more than 9.3 million people that hate CoD. And obviously, they do care about games and things related to them since they own a game system. Sounds like someone is butthurt that their favorite game didn't sell as well, or they like to seems like a gaming elitist online in an attempt to increase their own self esteem online. Or, you are just trolling.

Heartnet2391d ago

I honestly dont think theres anymore than 9million people that hate CoD...

gamingdroid2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

***Before anyone says "So people who like COD aren't gamers"....notice how I said "MOST", people. The ones who have actually created a acount on here it dosen't apply to you.***

So now "MOST" people that play or like CoD aren't gamers anymore?

We started with casual gamers aren't really gamers. They are bad for the industry, then next it is the CoD gamers. They are also bad for the industry. What's next on the "hate" list?

Sounds to me the problem is with the haters, and everyone else is just happy they bought something they enjoyed.

It's like, if "I" don't enjoy it, nobody else can attitude that is ruining gaming if anything. Yep, it's the haters....

Jobesy2391d ago

"If there were more lovers then haters then the score wouldn't be that low...the lovers wouldn't allow such a thing."

Not true, the COD crowd is just more mature. You want proof, just look at every COD article on N4G. You see rampant trolling from people who supposedly hate the game so much they spend all their free time trolling it. Then look at all the BF3 articles, you see barely any trolling.

Fact is, MW3 players have better things to do. I'd rather play a game with a bunch of kids who act their age, that a bunch of adults that act like kids.

Majin-vegeta2391d ago

* I'd rather play a game with a bunch of kids who act their age.*

Hahahah oh god please stop im dying from laughter xDD.

That enough for you or should i go on??

gamingdroid2391d ago

Ironically, the kids are acting adult and the adults are acting like kids!


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swishersweets200312392d ago

I havent heard a single good thing about this game from people who actually play and love all the COD games. So if its getting low user scores im not suprized

Fez2391d ago

I'm pretty sure you both know the real reason why the user scores are so low.

Go to metacritic now and look at a handful of the low reviews. You should immediately notice that these are new members who have just one review...a negative MW3 one. A few also have a perfect 10 for, yep you guessed it BF3, surprise surprise. Man, these people are lame.

gamingdroid2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Well, here is your first one then... I liked this game a lot. MW3 is far better than Black Ops so far. MW3 managed to make you feel like this is a large scale war as you go down NY seeing the massive destruction to the city.

It's pretty intense so far, and I'm only 25% into the campaign. If the rest of the game is like this, I would be pretty happy.

By the way, I don't actually like all the CoD's, just the one by IW i.e. MW series.

Caffo012391d ago

i think everyone is talking about the online part... nothing to say about the campaign, that's always been decent..what's bother me the most is that the multiplayer is the same of the last 4 years..

DonaldBeck2391d ago

why do people go to metacritic? all of the reviews are right here on n4g.

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