Joystiq - A platform, Karkand, and Battlefield 3

Arthur Gies hopes you like Battlefield 3, because based on his trip to EA's Redwood Shores offices yesterday, you're going to be getting a lot more of it. In a brief presentation prior to some extended time with next month's Back to Karkand DLC, the word "service" was used more than once. EA sees Battlefield 3 as a platform to deliver more content and Back to Karkand is the first salvo in that strategy.

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Majin-vegeta2442d ago

Nice interview.

All i can say is bring it on.

blumatt2441d ago

Can't wait for it, EA. Glad I get the dlc for free since I bought it new. I wish more people would support developers by buying new and not renting or buying used all the time.

Having a blast with Battlefield 3 so far and any dlc should be good too.

DasBunker2441d ago

i bought it new and wont get free DLC.. i also preordered it... my bad for not making sure it was LE... but point is just because you got it new doesnt mean youll get the free dlc..

blumatt2441d ago

Yeah I bought the Limited Edition one. Meant to say that.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2441d ago

I cant wait for this DLC package. Dice knows how to make DLC, for those of you that have played Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam, you know what I speak of.