Interplay fires back at Bethesda. Interplay lawyer furious with Bethesda legal team

Duck and Cover reported yesterday that Bethesda filed a motion in limine to try and prevent Interplay from producing damning evidence in the Fallout: Online trial. Word comes today from our sources that Interplay has filed a motion of their own. In addition, Duck and Cover has published excerpts from a letter from Interplay's lawyer showing that he is furious with Bethesda's legal team, suggesting they be sanctioned by the court.

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MAJ0R2354d ago

hope Bethesda loses, I love their games but I hate the frivolous lawsuits

MajorJackHoff2354d ago

Yeah, it's pretty much a joke.

Off topic: Where are my Skyrim reviews? :D

MAJ0R2354d ago

embargo hasn't ended but GS posted theirs ;)

its really a good read, people say its spot on

m2stech2354d ago

I thinks Bethesda is financially able to buyout interplay, make fans happy, stop court and legal issues and make better future fallout games!

harrisonxxi2354d ago

A) interplay makes far superior fallout games.
B) fallout 3/nv is probably the second worst entry in the fallout series, it beats tactics, but thats about it.