Saints Row: The Third Gives Series An Identity writes: When Saints Row 2 launched in late 2008, the dust from the epic success of Grand Theft Auto IV was just starting to settle. Rockstar changed the direction of the series for something a little more serious, and Saints Row 2 became known as the mayhem filled game that let you spray human waste from the back of a truck.

So why is the prospect of Saints Row: The Third so exciting? Because it will be the first game to set the identity for the series.

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spicelicka2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

it actually does look awesomeee, so much shit to do in so many different ways. And the shooting mechanics finally looks legit this time, although i can't remember how they were in saint's row 2.

Tanir2354d ago

yeah looks so much funner than gta4-5. reminds me of oldschool gta that only cared about fun, the character creation is awesome aswell