10 Girl Gamer Myths Busted!

An avid game girler debunks the top 10 cliche's and misconceptions about female gamers - taking a peek at girl gaming myths and busting them wide open.

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Vavoom3955d ago

This was going good, pretty informative. became a shameless marketing campaign for the wii. whew!

GIJeff3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

girls know how to play video games?! Thats absurd.

On a more serious note, she is 1 out of a gagillion chicks who is in the position to play games of all types al the time. she does not represent all women just like jesse jackson doesnt represent all black people. This is dumb and shame on you for approving it.

Bits-N-Kibbles3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

You my friend are awesome... you get a bubble from me

this all reminds me of the Helen Keller joke about why she can't drive... I'm sure everyone knows or can figure out the punch line....

d3l33t3955d ago

A bit repetitive IMO, she wanted 10 myths, but ended up with 4.

Girl gamers are one thing, hot girl gamers is another.

Boink3955d ago

but the fact it's from a wii page.

such a girlie/kiddie console, even in white.

FantasyFreak13955d ago

The few girl gamers that I have met (in real life, I play FFXI), either didn't play them enough or wasn't (in my opinion) the greatest looking or morbidly obese. I would love to meet a girl that plays and loves Final Fantasy (RPG genre in general) games as much as I do and look good.

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