EA Left Me Disappointed at Modern Warfare 3 Launch

So I went down to the official Modern Warfare 3 launch in London (Oxford Street) on Monday evening, and to be fair Activision and Microsoft put on a good show, I just couldn’t help but feel EA missed a trick here. As you do at these launches, I got talking with some friends in the queue and thought that it would have been awesome to see EA make an appearance in some capacity, to crash the party so to speak, which got me thinking.

How awesome would it have been, with like thirty minutes to go before the clock strikes twelve, to pull up on Oxford Street, themeblaring, with soldiers jumping out the Battlefield 3 tank (they brought one along with them to the launch two weeks ago), handing out free copies to everyone in line (around 750 people)? Totally stealing the show away from Activision in the process.

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Tachyon_Nova2361d ago

My guess is that most people would have just traded them in to get MW3 cheaper.

execution172359d ago

lol you sure? most people on my friends list that have bought MW3 ended up going back to Battlefield 3

caseh2359d ago

Lol true, the reason they are queued there to begin with is because they are CoD fanboys. Could have handed out free copies of BF3 but it wouldn't have changed the fact there were 750 queued for MW3 and nothing else.

iamnsuperman2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Yer. It would have been a move by EA but in the que who would care. Actually I agree with Tachyon_Nova. These people have qued for MW3 not BF3. They are hardcore to stand out side. They either already have BF3 or rather have MW3 and could possibly trade it in with GAME's deals and get MW3 cheaper. Who is going to walk away from a que that the person has been there for ages.

gamingdroid2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

My guess is that, that kind of war isn't something that would benefit EA in the long run. Imagine, next time Activision pulls a truck up and gives away free copies of CoD.

BF4 would be SOL.

EA made have gotten the upper hand when they started selling BF3 two weeks earlier than MW3, but the question now is if people are moving on from BF3. It's a double edged sword.

Release BF3 in March 2012 would have been better and resulted in a much more polished product.

Dlacy13g2359d ago

LOL... reading this article helps me understand why some people are not cut out to be in marketing.

LOL... just hand out 750 free games to those people who in half an hour will be buying the game from your competitor. BRILLIANT... So basically lets loose 1 "potential" down the line sale for every MW3 sale that will happen. 750 people dont just line up and then get swayed by a rival game. Now...had they offered a $10 coupon off BF3 to all those people... that could have been a smarter play. But reality is probably half those people already own BF3 anyway.

GraveLord2359d ago

Why would EA be giving away copies of their game? They need to sell as much as they can since they're already way behind MW3 in sales after just 2 days lol!

MasterD9192359d ago

I think it was good sportsmanship that kept them from doing that.

That or the fact that they didn't think of crashing that release party.

Spenok2359d ago

That would have been pretty sweet.

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