Activision confirms 2012 Call of Duty release - Black Ops 2 or WaW 2?

Product-Reviews writes: Now that Activision has announced that another CoD game will arrive in 2012 (no surprises there). It's likely that Treyarch will be at the helm and we wondered whether you would prefer World at War 2, Black Ops 2 or something completely new. We also speculate about a possible release date and have set up a poll to see what our readers truly want

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CrimsonEngage2298d ago

How about neither!? I won't buy another COD game until I see FUTURE Warfare. Let's change the game a bit instead of having re-hash after re-hash yea? MILK Does a body good. Unless it's sour COD milk..

Surfaced2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

Black Ops 2. These modern settings are more popular than the WW2-themed titles ever were.

lastdual2297d ago

Agreed. The fact that Black Ops sold a bazillion copies probably doesn't hurt its chances either.

Relientk772298d ago

If they are smart they would chose Black Ops 2 over World at War 2

Titanz2298d ago

That's way too much. Activision has a habit of over-milking franchises that die-hard in the end.

Tony Hawk
Guitar Hero

Son_Lee2298d ago

I'd go with Black Ops 2. Anything pre-Cold War has been done to death.

ronin4life2297d ago

Anything pre 2020 has been done to death.
Although, I would hardly call ww2 done to death anymore, especially seeing as so many theatres of the war have never been touched in a video game. (The Italian civil war and the exploits of merrills marauders are two examples.)

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The story is too old to be commented.