Modern Warfare 3 Is A Big DLC Package - Destroys Innovation In The Industry

"Call of Duty is a prime example of one of the franchises that rely on its previous titles for sales."

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Majin-vegeta2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Hopefully people will now start to see the truth behind all the cod hate.I know i'll get disgreed by the cod defense brigade but oh well they just mad that the truth is starting to come out.

@Below I'm just saying my opinion.

Motorola2353d ago

I didn't disagree with you, but seriously you are all over the COD articles bashing MW3. Go do something more productive than trolling a video game.

tim4402353d ago

This is the first article relating to MW3 from me.

Dee_912353d ago

people said the same about black ops.
Casuals will continue to buy it because its very popular and they actually enjoy the as long as they enjoy it they arent getting ripped off
me on the other hand will never buy a cod again unless they do a massive overhaul
il do fine with mw2 until then.

HenryFord2353d ago

@tim440: I think that wasn't directed at you but at the person who is attacking CoD allover N4G.

MrBeatdown2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

The truth?

The "truth" is that some people out there like to blame what's popular, and more specifically, one game, rather than realize CoD isn't doing a damn thing to kill innovation. There's still hundreds of other releases each year. Hell, if everyone out there bitching about Call of Duty just shut up and instead did some praising of something like Singularity or Blur, two quality Activision games that flopped, maybe we'd see a little more innovation and a few more original IPs.

Telling millions of people that what they like is crap isn't going to change a damn thing. Tearing down a popular game by trolling Metacritic or claiming every gaming media outlet has been paid off by Activision isn't going to change a thing. Trying to bring more attention to games that deserve just as much attention, without resorting to conspiracy theories, screwing with user scores, and screaming "OMG, it's teh crapzorz!!!" in the comments of every last article will do everyone a hell of a lot more good.

maniacmayhem2353d ago

My gawd Mr. Beatdown, i wish we could post your very comment at the front of every "i hate CoD just because..." article.

Hating CoD is the new black on this site. And the posters new buzz word is "innovation". But i have to ask what can CoD do to "innovate" that some other FPS already hasn't done?

anyways excellent comment, i agree with you 100.

Jobesy2353d ago

Mr. Beatdown, couldn't have said it better.

RioKing2353d ago

Mr. sir....are awesome. Well said, well said young chap.

Main_Street_Saint2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

I agree with you 100%. And I give you a bubble vote!

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refocusedman2353d ago

I dont think its call of duty hate I just think CoD is the FPS equivalent of Madden. It was fun but now its $65 for new perks and a new map pack.

49erguy2353d ago

If the game retailed for 35 or 40 I would feel less ROBBED. Still fun, but come on.

ginsunuva2353d ago

I swear if people actually sign up for that elite bs...

WarMachine5392353d ago

I'm a fan of Call of Duty, but MW3 simply isn't good enough. Its hard to give an opinion of it without flogging a dead horse. Its MW 2.5.

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The story is too old to be commented.