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XP-losion 11-7-2011

Xp-losion began with News On a announcement of Mech Warrior online, We moved onto Lineage going free to play and upcoming updates. Perfect World International Update going live with new content. We announced World Of Tanks update 7.0. APB banning Cheaters and how they were going about it.DC Universe going free to play with a extra 130k new users. Star Wars The Old Republic Phase 3 Guild Launch and Blacklisted Being Included. Dragon Soul Online New MMO, we discussed features and we gave a review on what we could see. The Secret World Open Beta Clarification . World Of Warcraft Darkmoon Fair on PTR along with Rumors of Titans Game Lead Desginer Been given the walking papers and finaly a Teenage Boy Sentenced for life for rape and murder of a class mate after confessing over world of warcrafts chat system. Roundtable: Lord Of The Rings online (Casual games, Culture, Dev, Industry, PC, PS3, PSP, Tech, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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