Need for Speed ProStreet Xbox 360 Review 7/10 "The series needs a break"

Another year, another Need for Speed game; the Xbox 360 has been around for 3 holiday seasons now and already the system has 3 Need for Speed games. To be honest everyone loved NFS: Most Wanted which was a launch game for the system and it holds up quite well for a 2 year old game. Last year EA released NFS Carbon which focused on the underground night life of street racing but never really clicked. NFS Pro Street is the new game in the series and it hits somewhere in between as far as polish and overall fun.

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Vip3r3612d ago

EA will milk anything so long as it makes them money.

God of Gaming3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

One thing this review does not point out (the reviewer asked me to post this) but should be mentioned. Believe it or not... when you damage your vehicle you have 2 options in order to fix it. Remember, we are talking about the fake video game vehicles within the game. You can either pay for the fix with your cash earned in game (Fake money) OR.. EA actually gives you the option to fix your video game car with MICROSOFT POINTS... REAL MONEY...

EA at work again..

C_SoL3612d ago

.....don't lie to me GOD . o wait, u can't do that. then again u r GOD, so u could be lying....

Daz3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

I love the game, as yes there is a option to use microsoft points which is stupid and greedy.
But why are people macking a mill out of something they will not use lol

God of Gaming3612d ago

I think its more just out of disbelief that this option is there. The reviewer did not put it in the article. Just more of of a "can you believe this"... I would LOVE to see how much money is made via this feature.

HarryEtTubMan3612d ago

PS3 outsells the junkbox worldwide... Big Brothers already knocking on the 360's back door. Its gonna be a long 9 years!

SuperSaiyan43612d ago

It should get 4/10 if its lucky! I am selling this game come Saturday!

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