Yoshi's Story Review Rewind

You can have fun with Yoshi’s Story, if you’re willing to find it.

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frostyhat1232445d ago

I loved Yoshi's story! Brings back great memories!

Chrono2444d ago

That game was horrible.

BootHammer2444d ago

Awesome game...classic ;) Nintendo needs to make a HD remake! Hope the Wii U gives us a new Super Mario World. Thanks for the Rewind!

maniacmayhem2444d ago

Great game, but way too short and waaaay too easy.

cpayne932444d ago

It was primarily targeted at kids, but it was just so pleasent and nice to play. I remember playing it as a kid, it was one of my favourites. A few months ago I actually played it again and I beat it without losing a life.