Achievement Unlocked

Deeko writes:

"At the time of writing my Gamerscore is at a rather respectable 9963. I'm one achievement away from reaching 10,000. Just one more level on Call of Duty 4's veteran difficulty and I'll be right up there, those five digits available for everyone to see in all their glory. I'll have entered the upper echelons of the gaming hierarchy, one of the elite, a king amongst men.

Or not. I'll still be the same gamer I was before, I won't move up in any ranking system, I'm not going to get paid, I won't get a better quality life. Hell, I'm not even going to be able to trade them in for dashboard themes or gamer pics. The only real end result is the dawning realization that I've palyed what probably amounts to far too many games.

So why do I, and many gamers like me, look forward to that next blip?"

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Mr PS33916d ago

And here are a few of my favourite

Elginer3916d ago

addicting to hear that wonderful little noise when you get an achievement. It just makes playing games more enjoyable, I won't really know why, but its kinda just proof that yes I got past that point. Makes you feel good.

Silver Bull3t3916d ago

I like unlocking them for my favorite games, otherwise I don't really care.

HarryEtTubMan3916d ago

lol only homos would care a virtual "number".

PS3 outsells the junkbox worldwide.

MakgSnake3916d ago

Whoever wrote this article is a dumb ass person. Achievements are amazing, they are the next best thing happened since ONLINE PLAY ON CONSOLES.

I love achievements... becasue there should be a reason why I WOULD COLLECT each and every ASSASSIN"S CREED (It gives me achievements to do so, and in that process makes the re-playablity higher, because if I WOULD Have bought ASSASSIN"S CREED on PS3, I would not in a million years would try to collect even a single flag because its just plain useless)

Achievements are just amazing. I love M$ for introducing us with this amazing new feature.

An incentive to do out of the way things and to finish a certain level in LEGENDARY.

harv0523916d ago

True. It's useless to collect them.......only for now though.....


Achievements are fun and encourage people to play games above and beyond just beating them, but they're still kind of lame. I mean, sure, it's a good incentive, but that's about it. I would never say anything to the effect of "they're the best thing to happen since online play on consoles", because they aren't. They're fun, but not revolutionary...

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The story is too old to be commented.