Addicted-Gamers: 5 Things That May Hinder the Wii U’s Success

Joe Puopolo of Addicted-Gamers writes: "First off, welcome to the premier of Addicted Gamers’ new series, The Perspective. The Perspective is where we can all take a minute to stop and shift to a new angle on the video game industry. It is designed to encourage debates, arguments and insights on the industry. My hope with The Perspective is that everyone will be able to develop their own unique outlook beyond their traditional thoughts.

This week on The Perspective it’s all about Nintendo, more specifically the Wii U."

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jc485732448d ago

NO nonono....the lack of xenoblade and last story are holding WiiU back.

jacksonmichael2448d ago

Hell yeah. I'm not buying another Nintendo console on blind faith. I need to know that if they've got some GOTY contenders on their hands, they'll actually release them. And believe you me, if it weren't for the bubble system on this site, this comment would be full of cussing.

mike1up2447d ago


Although Mario and Zelda seldom disappoint, it would be nice to see some 3rd party blockbusters on Nintendo this gen.

Raimond2448d ago

We need to be careful this time for sure!

Great article!

Titanz2448d ago

Everything the author complains about, will be rectified by the time Wii U launches.

madjedi2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Right and you magically know this how, points 2, 3 and 4 are the most important. If point #2 isn't squared away immediately, it will be doa for hardcore/non nintendo faithful.

#3 Yeah it will probably have a decent launch lineup, but what about gaps between 1st party releases, nintendo isn't known for wanting to try new ips, or even make sure they reach all regions.

And #4 I don't see countless 360 or ps3 owners leaving their communities on each console to have the wii u as their dominant console. Because if 1st party releases, won't move the console, prettier old multiplatform games damn sure won't.

Espically with ps4 and 720 coming out a yr or 2 later, so you believe all potential issues will be solved at launch. Judging how they reacted this gen we will see.

And reason #6 No hdd from the get go? That makes parts 2/3(online quality/games) and 4(getting non loyalists) even more questionable.

Lord powerful system, anything with a decent amount of ram, a 2009 or 2010 gpu and cpu will be powerful compared to the ps3/360 that uses 7-8 yr old hardware.

"There is only so far you can go with graphics and Nintendo knows this thats why they are betting on the controller again." Yeah and no console maker let alone pc developer has hit that plateau yet or will anytime soon. Right more bs about the controller being the key, or how important gameplay is wft is this 2007. The controller is a hunk of plastic and metal without the software(games) it's useless.

Mr_JOE2447d ago

Don’t let the tone of my article fool you. I will most certainly will be buying a Wii U at launch, but these are simply the facts; whether Nintendo fanboys want to admit it or not. This is not the first time Nintendo has made these empty promises.

My other gripe that I mention in my article is that Nintendo has a bad habbit of introducing a new piece of technology and abandoning its features. For example, the Wii controller was heavily misused and became a waggle fest for a vast majority of its releases.Though with my initial hands-on impressions with Skyward Sword, it feels like one of the very few Wii titles that delivers on the systems original promises.

In short, Nintendo has to really step up their game at E3 2012.

Raimond2447d ago

wow pretty fail reasoning

CaptainN2448d ago

I do believe Nintendo is trying to do better by having third partys input Wii U'S online system, asking third partys for more mature content from their main studios and by making the system output 1080P natively. The Disc space will be akin to Blue Ray (Proprietary format) and from the few 3rd partys that have seen the initial kits, supposedly it has a lot of Ram, so its going to be a very powerful system. Will MS and Sony come out with more powerful systems..... maybe, or maybe they will be on par, we have no clue. There is only so far you can go with graphics and Nintendo knows this thats why they are betting on the controller again. Plus Nintendo has given 3rd partys plenty of time to start having games ready for Wii U's launch so if they bring ports thats on them.

MasterCornholio2448d ago

I need to have a hands on with the controller first because it just looks plain weird to me. Also wouldn't the controller be extremely expensive? I cant imagine less than 80 euros for one.

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