My Top Ten Boss Battles

Laura of - "We all love a decent boss battle. It saddens me that recent titles seem to be lacking in such epic conclusions, with the notion of uber-baddies at the end of each chapter dwindling in favour of disappointing and lazily designed finales to an excellent game. I absolutely hate that."

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Venox20082418d ago

nice to see Okami's ninetails.. but I liked more the last battle.. agree of Shadow of Collossus.. agree with psycho mantis.

my adds: Bayonetta's most of the boss battles, then God Hand's most of the boss battles, Viewtiful Joe, Conker's most of boss battles, madworld and No more heroes had lots of great boss battles....

dorron2417d ago

Psychomantis definitely deserves to be up there...

The Boss and The End should be there too (I know, huge MGS fan).

Capt-FuzzyPants2417d ago

Yeah I definitely agree with #1. Riku was a bitch to beat. KH2 had some pretty good tough fights too like Xaldin and Xigbar and really a lot of the Organiztion Bosses except for Demyx. He was just wierd.

Also I think the Demon Wall from FF4 should have been on there. That was probably one of the most epic things ever.

stubbed_out2417d ago

Great list. I'd have to add in Hades from GoW 3 as well.

Sugreev20012417d ago

So many great Boss Battles in the GOW series.This list is incomplete without Ares from GOW 1 and Colossus of Rhodes from GOW 2.Heck,Poseidon deserves a spot too.