1990's sci-fi flick 'Total Recall' to become MMO

US-based SEE Games and ZQGame, a publicly-traded Chinese online gaming company, have announced an strategic relationship to create, co-invest in, and publish an original massively multiplayer online game based on Columbia Pictures' 1990 major motion picture 'Total Recall' set for release in the US on August 3, 2012.

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ATi_Elite2442d ago

I'm waiting for more info on the Total Recal movie remake.....but now i get this MMO in the making info.

I'm not sure this MMO is gonna work out too well.

A kick butt SP game in the same vein as Half Life 2 or Uncharted....YES.....MMO....No !

Monolith2442d ago

Well there was the first red faction. It was basically total recall. One of my favorite movies. As for an immortal, I don't really see how they could do it. Yes to half life or uncharted style but keep it first person like the first red faction.

ATi_Elite2441d ago

Red Faction was why i bought a PS2 (that and it was the cheapest DVD player at the time)

Classic game