Game Music of the Week: Super Mario Land 2

Dylan takes a look at one of the Gameboy's best soundtracks. But just how does it hold up?

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Solidus187-SCMilk2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

I didnt even click in the link yet but I can already hear this music in my head. I got this game the day I got my gameboy when I was only 6 years old. besides PC games on my 80s PC, I think this is the first videogame that I ever owned.

Before then I was at the mercy of all my friends and relatives weather or not I could play mario. If I had gotten 50 cents for every time a lame ass friend of mine wuold pause the game when I jumped over a pit in mario bros 1(makes you fall straight down and die) or would reset it when they died, I would have been able to buy my own NES when I was 6.

I was already hooked on videogames but getting my GB and this game made me hooked for life.

edit-- HAHAHAH yup. The second I read the title the first song that they have in the article was exactly what started going through my head.

I really love old videogame music, and new videogame music too for that matter.

Shnazzyone2444d ago

SML 2 had absolutely fantastic music. It absolutely sticks in your head... for life.

YoungKingDoran2444d ago

awesome game, awesome music.
next week: super mario land 3??
one of my all time favourite platform games, and games in general

DrRobotnik2444d ago

My personal favorite was the ending music.