Could Phoenix Wright Be the First Truly Great Game Movie?

Kotaku: "Capcom's had so-so luck with movies. That is, depending on your opinion of the Street Fighter movie, the Chun-Li picture, and the Resident Evil flicks. With the upcoming Phoenix Wright, n&eatcute;e Gyakuten Saiban, motion picture, that luck might be changing.

The movie's most recent trailers look fantastic.

Maybe, I'm the eternal optimist, but I feel like I'm continuously writing "this game movie might be good" articles. Sadly, those movies end up being rotten, and so could this, too. The Phoenix Wright movie, however, has a handful of things going for it. "

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2440d ago
LettingGo2440d ago

What about Silent Hill?

andron6662440d ago

Well that's a Konami game, and I think the article is about Capcom game movies. Silent Hill was a good film I agree.

The problem wiht most of Capcom's game movies is that they have just sold the rights and had little creative influence over them. The Resident Evil CG ones weren't too bad, but i think they were more an in house effort if I'm not mistaken...

mike1up2439d ago

OBJECTION! It is bad enough that Phoenix is in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3!

Ugh, my girlfriend is gonna make me see this. She loves this damn game.