The Missed Opportunities of Batman: Arkham City

Trendy Gamers: There has been a lot of praise surrounding the Dark Knights latest video game outing recently and it is undeniable that it is well deserved (we even gave it a 9.5). The gameplay, the villains, how alive Arkham City was, it all truly made you feel as though you were the Batman. For all of those amazing points, I can’t help thinking that there were a few missed opportunities. There is a lot more to Batman than just fighting thugs.

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MsclMexican2299d ago

Holy shit... yes.

Honestly, I was wondering when someone would come out and agree that Arkham city has flaws


1) Hugo Strange was a villain I really wanted to be used in some medium of Batman, when Arkham was announced I was really excited, but how they treated Hugo sucked.He knew who Batman is, all his weaknesses... and he did nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Really, Ra's assistant? That was his role, that was his plan? Honestly Hugo Strange was my biggest disappointment Protocol 10 was so obvious from the beginning. When it was introduced at the beginning, I was begging "please not something obvious like blow up the city inorder to kill all the villains....." yeah it pretty much was that

2) Villains like Two face were not used properly, I mean he was only in Batman's story for 5 minutes, tops. Plus his rivalry with Catwoman was not explained. Hush one of my favorite new villains was not even used well, I mean his whole draw was that he knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne to, but nothing.

3) The game was too long, I mean I wanted to see everything Arkham could offer, but after a while you feel that it becomes repetitive. Stealth, Combat, Stealth, Combat. Arkham Asylum was so good because everything felt balanced, but they extended the lenght. Also the Catwoman stuff was annoying, Batman just feels better, getting around the city as Catwoman is a chore and she honestly felt like the worst gameplay part of the game, especially her stealth sections

4) Seeing everything is annoying, I mean to find all the Riddler trophies is annoying. I cant glide around with out getting shot at, I can't enter the museum without having to clear out all the enemies. Also why can't I listen to audio tapes while moving around like in AA?

5) The game honestly started out strong, but then descended into madness. I honestly forgot Batman got poisoned, I forgot I fought the penguin, had no clue where I put him... and what happened to Solomun Grundy? That gaping hole I fought him in just magically vanished?

6) Batman honestly felt like a dick... be honest, I know Batman is a badass, but he was a dick to Oracle, Robin, Alfred and every villian, especially Freeze, felt so bad for him ):

7) Rocksteady cock blocked us... we all know they are working on a sequel. The ending honestly fades to black after the biggest moment in a Batman medium and also most of the side missions don't have a satisfying conclusion. I mean really, the Hush mission pissed me off the most..."I will look into it tmmrw?" Really Batman, dude just killed 6 people and you will look into it tomorrow?

8) The final boss made me WTF in a bad way... Clayface? Really? I mean if they properly hinted at him, more clues to it or if THEY GAVE HIM A PROPER REASON FOR BEING THERE!
"THE ROLE OF A LIFE-TIME"?!?!?! That was your reason?

I think I am being overly critical of the game because I have been a Batman fan since I was a kid, and loved the crap out of Arkham Asylum, but Arkham City disappointed me so much.

But the fact that critics have made this game the highest critically acclaimed game of the year is because... ZOMG I FEEL LIKE BATMAN! The first one did a better job and should have won GOTY in 2009, and clearly ignored the faults in this game but claim it is better. Metacritc and gamerankings... omg best game of the year, honestly annoys me. I dont hate Rocksteady, but I felt let down by AC.

sigh this was my biggest disapointment of the year

TrendyGamers2299d ago

Dont forget that Uncharted 2 came out in 2009 and Arkham was the runner up for GOTY.

acemonkey2297d ago

i think every game could be better then what it is...even tho the game was great i was looking for black mask to play a role( he did just getting stomped) the ending was crazy but i remember the voice of the Joker Spoiled that awhile before the game was coming out so lol....but i loved it and i am still playin it.......