Killer List of 80 Fascinating Gaming Firsts

GamesRadar writes:
"We've previously filled your head sponge with 101 things you didn't know about games, well now we continue our virtual factual feastery by proudly presenting this rather fascinating list of gaming firsts. The first console, the first video game, the first four-player, the first boss, the first co-op, the first sequel, the first online game, the first jump, the first black protagonist, the first character described as "homosexual", the first female game designer, the first game cameo in a movie... You'll find these and many, many more (over 84 firsts!) delicious bits of gaming trivia scattered over the next few pages.

It's the kind of essential gaming history stuff that all gamers should know (at least for a little while until something more interesting and/or useful comes along that requires the brain space). So, enough with the superfluous babbling, let the jamboree of info consumption commence..."

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MK_Red3918d ago

"#12 The first versus fighting game to feature a secret character was Midway's 1993 Mortal Kombat. The hidden brawler was Reptile."
Yay, MK FTW!

okcomputer3918d ago

Yep, i remember how badass it was to fight reptile for the first time down in the spikes. Two perfects and a fatality on the bridge level.

MK_Red3918d ago

Indeed. It was pretty badass to see and fight Reptile.

Nicosia3918d ago

#84 This is the first list entirely dedicated to gaming firsts that contains a staggering 84 entries to ever appear on GamesRadar.

Hahahha..i laughed :P